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Throwback Tech Thursday – The Xbox 360

Tech history is a fascinating thing. All of these great inventions and code masterpieces have really been improving over the years. Be it the launch of the Macintosh 128k in January 1984. Or the introduction of Windows in 1985 – all of these things were important steps in the world of programming.

Macintosh and Windows, are relatively recent in terms of history – but programming dates much further back. In fact, many people say that the first piece of code was written by Lady Ada Lovelace in the 19th century. Others will argue that the first examples of programming came from the ancient Greeks. 

Throwback Tech Thursday

We have decided to pay homage to the programmers and inventors of the past by paying respect to some tech milestones. Allow me to introduce you to “Throwback Tech Thursday”. Catchy, isn’t it? Every week we will recall a technological event from years gone by.

It was early May 2005. Tony Blair was just re-elected as Prime Minister of the UK and Weezer made it to 9th in the charts with Beverly Hills. However, this week was special to the tech world for a different reason.

The Xbox 360

On May 12, 2005, a fresh-faced Elijah Wood unveiled the Xbox 360. During a 22-minute special, gamers from around the globe were glued to “MTV Presents Xbox: The Next Generation Revealed”. In his opening lines, Elijah tells us how what we were going to see was the “console that’s about to change digital entertainment forever”.

Pong, Pac-man and Space Invaders

Before they showed the game-changer to the world, MTV brought us through a history of gaming, starting with the 1972 original game… PONG. The timeline brings us through other early phenomena such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man – and Nintendo’s brilliant Mario Bros.  Then, in 2001 – we met the original Xbox – a worthy competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 2.

While the Xbox 360 didn’t do quite as well as the Nintendo Wii in terms of sales, it certainly was a milestone in the gaming world. This seventh-generation gaming console was a gaming revolution. It had its fair share of problems too, with a large initial failure rate that lead to Microsoft putting $1 billion aside for repairs.

A more dynamic concept

However, the Xbox 360 that standardised wireless game-pads. Online gaming turned into a far more dynamic concept, and it completely changed the way in which people purchased games. Microsoft announced the end of production for the Sony Xbox 360 in April 2016.

Another milestone which shortly followed Elijah Wood’s slightly awkward launch event was the unveiling of the Sony PlayStation 3. The PS3 was nearly our choice for Throwback Tech Thursday (May 16, 2005), but the Xbox 360 got there first.

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