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UK ICT salaries – on the rise

If you’re working in software development or IT in the UK, then we have some good news for you. UK ICT salaries are on the up and don’t show signs of coming down any time soon. 

In fact, pay packets for software developers are likely to keep climbing over the next year. Why? Well, according to Computer Weekly, there will be around 800,000 unfilled IT jobs in the UK by the end of 2020. That skills shortage is driving recruitment, and keeping the salaries of those already employed buoyant. 

How good are UK ICT salaries?

According to that Computer Weekly survey, the average salary in the tech industry ranges from £50,000 per annum to £75,000. Even at the lower end of the scale, earnings are solid. The average wage of those with between three and seven years’ experience in the area is £49,000 – a significant rise compared to the last survey carried out in 2016.

For those in more senior roles, the news is even better. According to Hays Recruitment, the average wage packet for a ‘Head Of IT’ in a London-based company is going to be in the region of £85,000 per annum. Of course, that varies by region. Take the same position in the north-west, say in the burgeoning tech scene of Manchester, and you’re probably looking at more like £65,000.  However, the lower cost of living outside of London will help to balance that out more than a little.

Boost your earnings quickly

Prospects, the university graduate employment specialist, points out that even starting salaries for new graduates are pretty solid. They hint that it’s in the region of £30,000. Prospects also reckon you can expect to be able to upskill and boost your earnings quickly. “That means that graduates, already in the mindset of learning, are well placed to get involved in an industry that is so focused on personal development,” said a Prospects report. recently released its 2019 report into the state of the software industry in the UK. They found that (perhaps unsurprisingly) those with skills in blockchain development are hugely in demand. In fact, global demand for blockchain expertise is up by 517 per cent. Wages for blockchain engineering roles in London are currently averaging £68,000, second only to embedded engineers on £71,000.

Commenting on the report, Mehul Patel, CEO of Hired, said: “Empowering tech talent with data that helps them understand their market worth and reveals hiring trends will help them have a more seamless job search experience. We hope this insight will fuel thoughtful career conversations among the developer community and provide actionable data that will help software engineers reach their goals.”

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