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There’s a rather large skills gap in the tech industry around the world. Recent European estimates show an ICT skills shortage of between 500,000 and 900,000. Eurostat Statistics indicate that 41% of European companies who are trying to recruit ICT professionals are finding it difficult to hire staff. With an estimated ICT gap of 150,000 in the UK by 2020, the number of UK tech jobs continue to grow. There has never been a better time for software developers in the UK.

Over the last couple of months, there have been huge jobs announcements in the UK, Europe and the USA. The number of UK tech jobs available at present is growing rapidly. Here’s some of the news over the last month.

UK tech jobs – Salesforce, Amazon, and more

In June, Salesforce made a very welcome announcement during London Tech Week. The company announced a further investment of $2.5 billion (circa £1.88 billion) into the growth of their UK market. Part of their goal with that investment is to “to drive the digital transformation required to connect with customers in new and intelligent ways by leveraging cloud, social, mobile, AI and connected products with IoT.”

The company expects to generate a whopping $65 billion of net new business revenues from their UK business by 2022. From this, they expect to create more than “329,000 direct and indirect jobs in the same timeframe, according to research by IDC.”

Amazon to employ 2,500 more in 2018

Along with other jobs announcement from the likes of NTT Data (who are investing £41 billion and plan to employ 200 people over the next 3 years), recent announcement was also made by Amazon in the UK. Amazon, who recently announced 1,000 jobs for Ireland and a further 1,700 jobs for Italy, indicated in June that they plan to create a further 2,500 permanent jobs in the UK during 2018. According to their press release, 650 of these jobs will go to Amazon Web Services and their UK Development Centres.

Amazon also announced good news for graduates and interns – which is great news for new software developers. “Amazon will also this year hire graduates and interns in a variety of technical, non-technical and Operations roles. Graduates and interns play a vital role at Amazon, leading teams that work on key projects and helping Amazon to provide an even better shopping experience for customers.”

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