Never too late to change career

We’ve done the maths and when it comes down to numbers the average person spends 25-30% of their waking hours working. This significant figure means that your career is an integral part of your life and your happiness. Are you mulling over your dream job instead of concentrating on your current one? Be honest with yourself; when was the last time you felt fulfilled by your job? It’s never too late to change career.

Job Satisfaction Influences Happiness

We only have one life, and too many people let their professional job stress and unhappiness take over, staying in a job that ultimately makes them miserable. If you’re stressed or unsatisfied in work, that anxiety will gradually begin to influence your personal life. Fear is often the deciding factor that holds many people back from taking that leap of faith and plunging into an exciting professional life full of new opportunities. If you’re not happy with what you do, then it might be time to change career.

Visualise Your Career In Ten Years

If you’re uncertain about how you feel, picture yourself in the same career in ten years time; are you happy? Ask yourself where you want to be? Too often we forget that with the completion of second level education we make vital decisions. These decisions often dictate what career path we’ll venture down for life. As an experienced adult you will hopefully have garnered some wisdom throughout the years, so you’re actually far better equipped to choose a career that suits your needs and values at a later stage in your life.
If you’ve finally admitted that you’re unhappy with your career then it’s time to consider some other options. Don’t let your age hold you back, so what if you’ve had a career in another industry and you’re coming to a new career as a late bloomer? Some of the most influential tech experts embarked on a late career change, and you’ll discover that you’ve more to bring to the table because of your varied experiences. If they can do it then you can too.

Time to change career

One industry that will appreciate you for your varied experience and that is not age discriminatory is the tech industry. There is a significant global skills shortage and a course in coding could open up many different career options for you. Have you ever wanted to learn about web development, design, software engineering, and product architecture?  A world of opportunities will open up when you can add a university credit-rated Diploma in Software Development from Code Institute to your CV. Our courses integrate practical projects so that you have a professional portfolio to showcase to potential employers once you complete any of our Bootcamps.
Many of our graduates at Code Institute came to the coding game after specialising in other industries. We like to think that age is an asset. Cutting-edge tech employers like Apple, Intercom and Accenture have hired our graduates. 94% of Code Institute graduates are in full-time paid employment within six months of successfully completing one of our bootcamps. One of our graduates, Alun Price, had a PhD in science and developed vaccines before he decided he wanted a career in software development. Maria Hynes is another graduate who works in the banking industry, but she studied computer science fifteen years ago and wanted to refresh her knowledge.
Whatever your decision, just remember to make the right decision for you.
Are you interested in finding out more about the courses we run at Code Institute? Get in contact with us, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.