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Searching for inspiration or motivation? Check out where the Code Institute team have found inspiration in what they watched, read and listened to this month. If you’ve got your own suggestions for thought-provoking content we’d love to hear from you.

Watch Do Schools Kill Creativity?

“Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk advocates embracing mistakes and nurturing creativity while questioning the validity of an educational system that promotes fear of failure in kids who are fearless and full of ideas.” 

Nakita McCool, Platform Developer.

Listen Full Disclosure

“James O’Brien chats to outspoken Conservative peer Lord Heseltine about Brexit in this inspiring podcast about the power of resilience and having a strong, morally grounded leader and gives a stark warning against the current Tory party, gripped by the “narrative of Farage” and invaded by Trumpism.”

Niamh O’Loughlin, Marketing Director

Read The Rise of the Ultra Runners

“The Rise of the Ultra Runners: A Journey to the Edge of Human Endurance, by Adharanand Finn. An affecting journey of a journalist and amateur runner through locations and increasing distances around the world with the goal of running a famous race around Mont Blanc that no one outside this endearingly oddball community has heard of.” 

Brian O’Grady, Programme Director

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