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What’s in store? Code Institute in 2020

The last twelve months have proven to be of amazing growth for Code Institute. Our team has grown massively and as a result, we’ve increased our output and availability of services.  Just last month, we were recognised by Deloitte in their Technology Fast 50 Awards, where they placed us third. EU-Startups also named us as one of their top 15 best coding schools & bootcamps in Europe, and as a place to work, Code Institute has been recognised as one of the happiest places in which to work in the Work Happy 100 and we have also been named as one of the 8 best places to champion women in the workplace. So, what’s in store for 2020?

What’s in store?

The next twelve months are even more important to Code Institute, and we are going to invest even more into our programme and our supports. To ensure that we can make our student services even better, we have made the decision to increase the programme price for 2020. This price increase for new students from February 1 means that we can grow our support teams even further. This increase will also allow us to invest in various areas of our programme that will ultimately benefit all of our current and future students, as well as our existing graduates. 

So, what’s in store for Code Institute in 2020? 

Even more student care

Our student support structure is in place to help our students get through our programme at a steady pace. For our students who use this service, it has proven to be paramount in getting them through the programme. For 2020, we are delighted to announce that our tutor support will be available 24/5 – that’s 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. We will also be increasing our tutoring hours over the weekends. 

To maintain this 24/5 support, we will be increasing our staff numbers. Because we have students all over the world, we now have a global team, that can support every time zone. 

During 2019, the number of students opting for our Full Stack Software Development grew sharply, and to keep up with this, so too did the growth of our teams. We now have more Mentors, Tutors and Student Care operatives than ever before. On today’s projections, we see our team growing nearly double during 2020. 

Employment Services

In November 2019, we employed a new Director of Employer Services, Jane Gormley. Through our IAC, we take massive pride in the relationships that we have built with employers to date. The list of companies that our graduates work for is also growing at rapid speed. Jane’s job is to make inroads with even more employers – everywhere. The next twelve months will see even more companies opting for Code Institute graduates. 

Analytical Monitoring of Online Students (AMOS)

Throughout 2020, we will continue to build on our AMOS system. The analytics available with this allows us to aggregate all of a student’s activities as they go through their learning journey. It provides for a far richer learning experience for the student while allowing improved assistance for both the learner and Code Institute. The mission statement for AMOS is to enable students to progress through their online education journey as smoothly as possible, addressing any potential speedbumps early on.


Hand-in-hand with employer services, we are also aiming to gain further recognition from companies and businesses around the world. To date, we are recognised through Government programmes, Universities and colleges in; Ireland (Higher Education Authority), Canada (Canadian Business College), the UK (credit-rating from the University of the West of Scotland), Sweden (Higher Education Authority – CSN), USA (Lynn University, Ohio Christian University, and more). 

Throughout 2020, our plan is to build relationships as the importance of what we are teaching grows. Each of these relationships will be announced as they arrive throughout 2020. 

New Offices

Such was the growth of our team in 2019, we had to move to a larger head office in Dublin. In 2020, we will also be opening new offices in both the Netherlands and Sweden. This is to further facilitate our large student-base in those countries. We are really excited about this news, and we look forward to introducing our teams there. If you or a friend are interested in applying for any of these roles, check out our latest job vacancies here.

Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

In 2019, our IAC continued to grow. In fact, our IAC has never been bigger, and we now meet with representatives from companies like; Workjuggle, Rattleberry, BT, Complivero, INM, NDRC, Bank of Ireland, Phorest, TalentHub, Intercom, Accenture, Salesforce, American College, PayPal, and many more. 

For 2020, we aim to grow our IAC even further. Their input to us is invaluable. Their guidance ensures that what we are teaching is relevant and in-demand from their industries. 

Programme improvements

What we teach and how we teach it is paramount. Of course, we are delighted that our levels of student support are increasing, however, it is vitally important that we continuously improve our programme. As in 2019, we will continue to update our programmes to ensure that our full-stack software development programme is the best that it can be. Throughout 2020, we will be increasing our video output and we will be updating our programme to make it better and more interactive for our students. We have some extremely exciting plans in the pipeline, and we look forward to revealing these changes as 2020 progresses. 

As a team, we in Code Institute are looking forward to 2020. We look forward to growing and delivering on what we offer to our students and graduates. Like last year, we will continue to grow. We will continue to improve. And, we will continue to build for our students. 

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