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Working & Learning Remotely – a journey

The last few weeks have been incredibly interesting. We have seen masses sent home to work remotely. As we all distance ourselves socially, we are learning so much more about technology. We’ve spoken to some students to see the effect on learning remotely. 

Making time count

Our tutors talk to students every day, and over the last week, their feedback has been extremely interesting. Many of our students work full and part-time while doing the programme and likewise, a lot of them are now working remotely. According to some of our students, this is having a positive impact on their studies. 

Learning Remotely

No, they’re not working on the programme while they should be doing work, but instead, they are finding extra hours to do the programme because there is no more commute time. But not only that, they are telling us that they are motivated because, with so many people now working from home, they know that software development is well suited to this situation. 

More Slack Socialising

While many of us are socially isolating, there can be no denying that we’re now learning to socialise online. In the developer world, thousands of programmers congregate on Slack. Likewise, our students use it as a resource to talk to others on the programme

One student told us that; “Over the past week, I’ve found myself chatting more with other students. We’re working and, in some cases, collaborating on Slack. I’ve found that we are more productive and we’re coming up with some great ideas for our projects. Our creative juices are flowing!” 

Taking a break from the news

Of course, it is quite an unsettling time for some of our students. Some feedback has indicated that doing this programme has given them a chance to switch off from the news. They are using some of this time to develop their projects, and one has also mentioned that they are using current events as part of the subject matter in their forthcoming projects.

While these are strange, and occasionally unsettling days, one of the few positives that will come from this is the fact that many of us will see what it’s like to work from home. Knowing how to work and learn remotely is a skill in itself. If you want to see what it’s like to develop remotely, and if you’ve found that you’ve had a bit of extra time, then you should try our free 5-Day Coding Challenge. Apart from teaching you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you will build your first webpage. Also, for an hour a day over five days, you can experience what it’s like to be a developer. Register now through the form below. 

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