Working Remotely In Germany

More freedom, more free time and more independence. Home Office work offers many advantages.

No More Commutes

Working from home no longer means long commutes, traffic jams, train delays or other incidents. In the Home Office, working days start much more relaxed and there is more free time at the end of the day.

Not commuting also means no more commuting costs: an employee working from home can save on the bus or train ticket or even owning, driving and maintaining a car.

Saving Costs

Speaking of saving costs, working remotely in Germany can also mean skimping on expensive takeaway lunches or coffees, how easily do you end up spending €10-15 a day on those things?


But there is more to the advantages over working in a busy office. If you compare the busy office with the home office in the living room, you will likely find that the working environment at home is quieter. Because – especially in open plan offices – there is often an enormous noise level. And in a quieter environment one can work more focussed.

Advantages of Remote Work: An Employers Perspective – Vorteile aus der Sicht des Arbeitgebers

Saving Costs

For the employer, rental costs can be reduced for the employee’s office, as well as the costs for office equipment and infrastructure. 


Certainly, money is one important factor, but it’s not the only one – it’s productivity: Employees can actually become more focused working from home, without the distraction of colleagues interrupting them on a regular basis.


Another advantage is that there is fewer sick leave: Home Office employees are less likely to report sick  and do not infect colleagues because they do not leave the house when they may be developing a cold.

And since everyone is always on time in the home office, there are no late arrivals due to weather or traffic.

Home Office and coding? – Was hat Home Office mit Programmieren zu tun?

The Home Office will become more important, even beyond the end of Covid measures and will inevitably become the new normal for many companies. Working remotely in Germany, and elsewhere, is prevalent especially among software developers. Because it primarily involves working online, it’s ripe for people to work globally.

Learning and Working From Home – Von zuhause lernen und arbeiten 

Code Institute’s full stack software development programme is taught fully online. Our students learn to work remotely and they learn the skills to work in an agile environment. By participating in our Slack community, they also learn to work together, and by using our tutors and mentors, they also learn how to lead the way in an online environment.

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