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Why Code Institute?

icon Certification

We’re fully credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University and our graduates earn a globally recognised Diploma in Software Development.

icon Flexibility

Learn at your own pace and in your own time – from anywhere in the world, mentored online. Our course content is designed to encourage structured development.

icon Careers

“Code Institute catapulted my career.” Andres Correa “One of the best decisions I have ever made.” Patrick Monks

icon Industry expertise

Our bootcamp is developed with leading tech industry experts, injecting their professional expertise into the syllabus and course development.

icon Latest tools

Our full stack course, the Diploma in Software Development, is always evolving and covers the latest industry languages so your portfolio is always industry-relevant.

icon Your portfolio

We’ll teach you how to host and showcase your projects on GitHub and elsewhere so you can present your practical portfolio to potential employers.

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Miguel Martinez : Code Institute Graduate


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Graham Fox: Code Institute Graduate



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