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The Most Advanced Coding Curriculum in the World

Become a Highly Employable Full Stack Software Developer with Our Groundbreaking Specializations Programme

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90% of our grads are employed within six-months

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Full Stack
Software Development & Specializations

3 Specialization Paths to Choose

Europe’s Only University Credit-Rated Online Coding Bootcamp

Become a Successful Full Stack Developer with Europe’s Only University Credit-Rated Online Coding Bootcamp.

Choose Your Career Path

We’re the experts in Full Stack Education. Our cutting edge full stack developer course is recognised across Europe, and we are the only immersive online educator that allows you to choose your areas of specialism while studying on the course. We equip you with the latest state-of-the-art tools, advanced technical competencies and help you choose an area of specialism that is matched to your skills.

Diploma in Full Stack Software Development

Become a Highly Employable Developer with Our Groundbreaking Specializations Programme

Full Stack Development Curriculum

Coding Essentials & Full Stack Toolkit Modules

Learners become proficient in software development for both front-end and back-end technologies. Some of the skills learner gain include:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and jQuery
  • Integrated Development Environment + Testing
  • UI/UX Design + Design Thinking
  • Bootstrap, Flask, Jest, Django Frameworks
  • Database Management System (DBMS)

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Learners Choose 1 Specializations Path

1. e-Commerce Applications

e-Commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, and companies like Amazon are hiring thousands of coders to meet this demand.  Just about every industry is racing to build and expand its online trading capabilities.

Learn how to build a fully functional live e-Commerce platform with an integrated searchable catalogue, shopping basket and payment facilities: 

  • Build a product catalogue
  • Search and filter functionality 
  • A functional payment system using Stripe
  • A full-featured authentication system 
  • Real-time notifications to guide user experience  
  • Use Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Heroku and more 

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2. Advanced Front-End + React

React is a framework that helps coders to deliver an amazing user experience. Employers like Facebook and Instagram love it as it creates easily managed apps that get products to market faster.

By choosing this specialization, you will develop a detailed knowledge of the most popular front-end development frameworks

  • Gain a detailed knowledge of the most popular front-end development framework 
  • Learn to build a complex front-end environment like a content management site. 
  • Build advanced front-end React skills
  • Learn how to combine this with Django Rest framework to build functionally rich applications.

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3. Predictive Analytics

You will get hands-on experience in creating predictive systems which can help businesses in decision making and time management. You will learn how to create a real-time industrial scaled predictive analytics system that uses machine learning models, to predict risks related to business ideas and actions.

  • Map business requirements to machine learning problems 
  • Obtain actionable insights using data analysis and manipulation
  • Create intelligent systems using machine learning
  • Represent data stories via data visualization

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90% Of Our Grads Are Employed Within 6 Months

Code Institute’s Careers Hub is an online, immersive experience designed to give you direction on your career upon completion of our full stack development course. This exclusive careers programme is delivered by our team of In-house tech recruiters and has helped generate job offers for the thousands of students who have gone before you.

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What do employers think?

Our team is constantly looking for Full Stack Developers with knowledge of e-Commerce, Advanced Front-End, and Predictive Analytics. These are seriously in-demand skills right now. Code Institute’s curriculum is the most advanced we’ve seen – giving their students not only the tools to change their career but also to excel and progress quickly in their chosen field.
Oliver Perry
Associate Director
Our hiring team recruits in multiple technical disciplines – from global multinationals to growing startups. Finding and hiring software developers with additional specializations within areas like Front-End, Data & e-Commerce is hugely in demand. Having access to this talent pool that Code Institute is educating in these skills is brilliant for the tech industry.
Gerard Doyle
Founder & CEO

Our Flexibility is Your Advantage

Online Campus
Learning Support
Online Campus

Learn Best by Doing

Code Institute’s On-Demand Learning transforms learners’ journeys through our full stack developer course by making it personalised, accessible, flexible and hands-on. Our AI analyses students’ progression through the course and lends support when needed.

Learning Support

24/5 + Weekend Support

Throughout our full stack development course, every learner gets the contextual guidance they need to overcome their unique challenges. Our 1:1 mentor sessions provide additional structure, guidance and support for you and add an extra layer of accountability – ensuring no one gets left behind as you transform your career and realise the potential in your full stack skills.


We Empower Learners

We design and deliver full stack development courses that equip adults with the cutting-edge digital skills demanded by businesses. We empower learners with the mindset and tools they need to embrace everyday learning and become interview ready. Our team of executive recruiters work with you from day one to get you consultation and recruitment-ready.


We’re a Community of Passionate Learners

We are a tribe, a like-minded community with shared aspirations to respect, learn and code. With our powerful alumni network of 3000 developers and more than 1000+ hiring partners, we are making a real impact on the future of Digital Skills in Europe. We are transforming stereotypes of who and what Software developers can be.


A Range of Flexible Payment Plans Available

We understand that funding can be tricky, and we continually look for ways to support your career transformation journey. We have laid out some different finance options you can consider here. If you have any questions about eligibility or how to apply, please get in touch with our Education Advisors by clicking here.

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As global leaders in online coding education, Code Institute’s Learning Management System is one of a kind. It combines technology, data and people to transform your learning and career transformation journey.

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