Digital Transformation

Talent Strategies for Digital Transformation:

  • Build high-performing technical teams
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Transform talent into digital leaders
  • Promote talent-based branching
  • Reduce external hiring and outsourcing costs
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Case Study

Ulster Bank & Digital Transformation

Code Institute helps businesses optimise coding skills for digital transformation.

Reskilling Drives Digital Transformation

Ulster Bank has enlisted Code Institute to reskill non-technical employees into technical roles, ensuring that those with a deep understanding of the bank, its customers and its products are retained and play a pivotal role in driving digital transformation.

Code Institute’s Solution

  1. Candidates learned the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript in our 5-Step Coding Challenge.
  2. Ulster Bank selected the best candidates to invest in.
  3. Participants received personal timetables, weekly check-ins, 1:1 tuition, and mentorship.
  4. Candidates are advancing through the programme.
  5. Graduates on track to complete in 2020.
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