Internal Mobility

How Will Internal Mobility Benefit Your Business?

  • Retrain and retain top talent
  • Maintain business intelligence to drive digital transformation
  • Culture fit has been achieved
  • Better agility and cross-functional collaboration
  • Avoiding hiring costs makes training cost-neutral
  • Reduce external hiring and outsourcing costs
Internal Mobility
Internal Mobility
Case Study

BT & Internal Mobility

See how Code Institute worked with BT to enable internal mobility and drive digital transformation.

Internal Mobility Drives Digital Transformation

BT enlisted Code Institute to activate their internal mobility talent strategy. We reskill valuable non-technical employees into technical roles and upskill engineers with the latest technical skills to maintain their competitive advantage.

Code Institute’s Solution

  1. BT employees joined the part-time Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development– enabling them to work and study simultaneously.
  2. Personal timetables, weekly check-ins, 1:1 tuition, and mentorship were provided.
  3. Students submit work-based projects for grading, which are live within BT.
  4. Graduation and transition into new roles driving digital transformation.
  5. Cost savings on external hires make training cost-neutral.
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