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Flexible, Remote

Diploma in Software Development

Up to 52 weeks
  • University credit-rated
  • Global leading online learning platform
  • Work and study at the same time
  • 12 hours minimum per week
  • Dedicated tutoring time
  • 24/5 + weekends technical learning support
  • 1:1 Interview prep and career support
  • 100+ global hiring partners
  • Access to remote working opportunities
  • Finance options available
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How does Code Institute Compare?

University Credit-Rated Flexible Learning Options Price Switchup Rating
yes yes €5,900
no no €9,000
no yes €13,500
no yes €1272+
no yes €14,829
no no €7,717

Course Overview

The Professional Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development gives participants hands-on experience creating employer-ready web technologies. Our programme is 100% online delivery through our world-class Learning Management System (LMS). Content is Industry-Validated and University Credit-Rated and is suitable for beginners or those with an existing skill-set who wish to enhance their career prospects.


Get the Support for a New Career

With over 100 global hiring partners, our dedicated career services team will help secure your first role in tech. You are supported from beginning to end, and beyond, with 24/5 student support and tutoring, 1:1 mentoring, senior developer sessions, community workshops, and our Slack community with 1000s of like-minded students.

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What Our Graduates Say

“The course was worth the investment. I went in with specific goals in mind, and from doing this I have now reached them. Delighted with my decision”
Katie Maxwell
“This course was very practical - you learn by doing. Working with new technologies, it’s very relevant to the careers market”
Adrian Rus
“I'm very happy with my decision, I came straight out of Code Institute and landed a role in Capgemini, These skills are in massive demand”
Stein de Vos