Diploma in Full-Stack
Software Development

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No coding experience required

Designed for beginner or intermediate level.

Trusted by employers

Only university credit-rated online coding bootcamp.

98% hire rate

Personalised career support.

Get hired faster

12-month course duration.

Full-Stack Software Development Programme

Part-time, flexible, 1 year, min of 12-15 hours per week. For beginner or intermediate level

Three steps to transform your career for an AI-driven workforce

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Learn the skills to become a Full-Stack Software Developer
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Choose 1 of 3 specialist skill paths for your final project
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Get the one to one support to land your dream job

Our programme is designed to equip you with the skills needed for a successful future in a rapidly evolving AI-driven workforce. You’ll begin by mastering the languages, frameworks, and tools essential for seamless integration into agile development teams.

Essentials Modules

During this phase, you’ll delve into front-end software development and essential UX techniques, gaining proficiency in the top three programming languages: CSS, JavaScript, and Python. You’ll apply this knowledge to create three projects, building a portfolio that showcases your abilities to prospective employers.

Full-Stack Development Toolkit Modules

In this section, you’ll acquire the knowledge required to interact with databases and use key tools like Bootstrap, Django, JQuery, PyTest, and Jest. You’ll also explore code testing, gain insights into agile development team dynamics, and complete your full-stack development project. By the end of this stage, you’ll be prepared to acquire advanced specialist skills, earning your software development qualification and becoming a developer ready for the AI-driven future.

Our skill paths give you a competitive advantage with the ability to showcase the most in-demand skills in your portfolio.

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    1. eCommerce Our skill paths give you a competitive advantage with the ability to showcase the most in-demand full stack development skills for eCommerce websites in your portfolio. Learn more about eCommerce
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    2. Advanced Front End Create a sophisticated front-end web app with the same combination of creativity and React favoured by Netflix, Airbnb and Instagram. Learn more about Advanced Front End
  • icon
    3. Predictive Analytics Harness the power of data with Machine Learning and AI to predict the future. Learn more about Predictive Analytics

We understand that changing careers is a big step. That’s why we created our 3-step careers accelerator program to build your confidence and land a job where you can excel. Our careers teams are here for you from day one. Our mission is to help you accelerate in tech.

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    Access to exclusive tech hiring partners
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    28% of learners are hired while on the programme
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    98% are employed within 1 year of graduation

Industry aligned and
university credit-rated programme

Apply today

Follow the steps below to complete the application process.
Approvals are granted within two working days. Please complete
the 5 Day Coding Challenge before applying.

Why Choose Our Full-Stack Course for AI and Beyond?

Our Full-Stack Course, one of the only university credit-rated online coding bootcamps in the UK and Europe, is curated by industry leaders. Upon completing the program, you’ll not only possess a deep understanding of the entire web development process but also be armed with the confidence to tackle complex AI projects and problem-solving capabilities, making your career transition into the AI-driven workforce both exciting and rewarding.

University credit-rated and industry recognised qualification

Code Institute is the only university credit-rated full-stack software development course. This gives you the credentials employers value most highly.

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Code Institute Germany

What could you earn as a software developer?

In Code Institute’s latest eBook, we look at changing careers to software development and the potential salaries that you could earn as a software developer.

Salary Guide for Coding 2024

2000+ hiring partners employ our graduates


Get the skills to get ahead, stay relevant & earn more

Get ahead

Study anywhere at anytime. Flexible online learning

Stay relevant

In demand skills & academic certification recognised by employers

Earn more

Your in-demand skills will fast track your career & earnings

Our graduates are employed quicker


of students are employed before graduating


of grads are employed under 6 months


of grads are employed 9 months or less


of grads are employed 12 months or less

Your career pathway

As a Full-Stack Developer you will have the skills to advance your career quickly


Average starting salary

Types of Entry Level Roles

Tech/Dev Support
Jnr Full-Stack Developer
Q/A Tester
Front-End Developer


Average salary with 3-5 years experience

Types of Mid-Senior Roles

Full-Stack Developer
Python Developer
.net Developer
Senior Technical Support


With +5 years experience

Types of Senior Roles

Senior Software Developer
Software Developer Manager
Data Analyst
IT Architect

Why Code Institute?

As a leading coding educator, Code Institute empowers learners with essential skills for a future AI-driven workforce. Our course, which teaches AI-driving languages like Python, accelerates career transitions. We blend top-tier content, cutting-edge technology, analytics, and robust support to ensure your success. With Code Institute, you’re assured a superior learning journey and a personalised support system to secure your first role in web development in an AI-focused workforce.

Skills for the AI-Driven Workforce

Learn cutting edge software development skills and programming languages from industry experts.

Internationally recognised qualification

Our full-stack development course is university credit-rated and industry aligned to give you the credentials to get hired anywhere in the world.

Join our tribe of coders

Participate in our vibrant community of Code Institute learners and alumni around the world sharing advice, supporting each other and socialising at hackathons and events.

Find a job you’ll love

We have a relationship with 2000+ hiring partners around the world, opening doors to your perfect career.

A flexible framework

At Code Institute technology, data and people work in concert to give you the flexible framework to study, work and live.

Get there faster

Our learner analytics help us deliver support and advice when you need it, keeping you on track to succeed.

Price and payment options

Best value, pay upfront

spring fund scholarship

RRP €7,795 £6,495

Spring Scholarship – save £1,300

  • University credit-rated programme.
  • No coding experience required.
  • 12 months duration (part-time).
  • 7 days access and support.
  • Tutor and mentor support.
  • Choice of specialist skills path.
  • Personalised career support.
  • 98% hire rate.

Flexible plans

From £366 a month

Scholarship & Flexible payment plans available

  • University credit-rated programme.
  • No coding experience required.
  • 12 months duration (part-time).
  • 7 days access and support.
  • Tutor and mentor support.
  • Choice of specialist skills path.
  • Personalised career support.
  • 98% hire rate.

Free Introduction Course

5 Day Coding Challenge

Start your career journey with the 5 Day Coding Challenge, our free coding bootcamp, to learn the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript and discover if coding is the career path for you.

Our graduates go further faster

Adrian Rus

Graduated from Code Institute 2015

This course is very practical – you learn by doing. Working with new technologies – it’s very relevant to the careers market

Career path

  • icon
    Role Pre Code Institute
    Assistant Manager, Nandos
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    QA Engineer, Terminal Four
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Senior Systems Analyst, Mastercard

Simen Daehlin

Graduated from Code Institute 2017

In 3 short years, my salary has increased by over 200%

Career path

  • icon
    Role Pre Code Institute
    Sales Agent, Mobile Phones
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    Customer Support, Google
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Strapi Squad Lead Developer, Virgin Mobile

Kira Estrada

Graduated from Code Institute 2019

Don’t fear change. That’s it. Above all, do not have any fear of change

Career path

  • icon
    Role Pre Code Institute
    Montessori teacher
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    Associate Customer Support Specialist, Hubspot
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist, Hubspot

Free introduction course

Try our 5 day coding challenge and discover the coder in you.

Got a question?

Chat with one of our Education Advisors today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Qualification
What does university credit-rated mean?

A university credit-rating means that a university has examined our programme and has ranked it on a qualifications framework. Our Diploma has been credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland at Level 8 on the Scottish Qualification Framework. This is the equivalent of level 5 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and Level 5 on the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

When you partake in and complete this programme, you are a student and graduate of Code Institute and not a student or graduate of the University of the West of Scotland.

Do I get a certificate for finishing the course?

Yes. Code Institute offers a Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development. This is a digital certificate.

Application Process
How do I apply for the programme?

You can apply to the programme by completing this form: https://codeinstitute.net/apply/

I’ve never worked in Tech before, can I apply?

Yes. This programme was designed to take complete beginners to world class junior software developers. Most of our students did not have an IT background before doing the course.

What is the criteria for admission?

Students must be over 18 years of age. All applicants should complete our 5 Day or All Access Coding Challenge. This programme is offered in the English language only, and applicants may be asked to complete an IELTS level 6 English test before they are accepted on the programme.

How long is the application process?

The application process does not take longer than 48 hours. This does not include the time it takes to complete the 5 Day or All Access Coding Challenge.

Is there a visa requirement for this programme?

No. This programme is 100% online. Students can do it from the comfort of their own home or wherever they have a computer and internet.

What is the price of the programme?

The Full-Stack Software Development programme costs £7,795. Finance options are available.We are currently offering a scholarship to privately funded students until May 31, 2024. To find out more, contact one of our education advisors.

Why is the 5 Day Coding Challenge important for application?

The free 5 Day Coding Challenge is important for many reasons. Code Institute aims to help students change career to software development. Students must complete the challenge to show that they have an aptitude for coding. The challenge also shows potential students how they will learn on the programme.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. All students must be at least 18 years old when they start the programme.

Is there a minimum English language requirement?

Yes. Our programme is delivered entirely in the English language. Therefore, an Education Advisor may ask you to complete an IELTS level 6 English test. Because this programme is entirely in English, we do not want students to be disadvantaged because their English is not at the same level as the course.

I have no background in technology. Can I do this course?

Yes. Code Institute’s Full-Stack Software Development programme is designed to take students from zero experience to a world-class junior software developer. However, we require that a student complete the 5 Day Coding Challenge before applying to the programme.

Course & Teaching Approach
How long do I have to complete the programme?

This is a 52-week programme and must be completed in that timeframe. We recommend that students spend at least 12 hours per week on the course. If you wish to complete the programme in less time, this is entirely possible. The more time you spend on this programme, the faster you finish the course.

Are there exams on the programme?

No. There are no exams in this programme. Students are assessed based on five projects that they must complete throughout the course. Each one of these projects makes up a student’s portfolio. This portfolio is beneficial for landing your first tech role. You will have the experience to show to potential employers.

What is career support?

Code Institute aims to get you a job in tech. To do this, we have gathered a fantastic career services team. Their role is to get you a tech job after you finish the programme. At present, 98% of Code Institute graduates are employed within 1 year of graduating. A lot of this success comes from the assistance of our careers team. Our careers team will help you with;

What is tutor support?

Code Institute’s Tutor Support is second to none. This team is there to help with any technical queries that you may have on the course content. They are available to help from 8 am to 11 pm (UTC), during week days. They are also available from 9 am to 5 pm (UTC) over weekends.

What is mentor support?

Individual mentors are available to offer one-on-one support to our students as they work on their projects. Our mentors are professionals in the tech industry. They are not employed directly by Code Institute. They offer best-practice advice to students on their projects. They know what tech employers want to see.

What is community support?

Code Institute has a community made up of thousands of students and graduates. Our students and alumni can work together and speak to each other daily. We use our Slack channels to allow our community to stay in touch with each other. We regularly hold webinars, hackathons, and more to promote the growth of this community. Remember, everyone in this programme is going through the same course.

What is Student Care?

Student Care is usually the first point of contact for students when they start the Code Institute programme. They will help get you on the right track when it comes to scheduling and more.

Is this 100% online?

Yes. This programme is a 100% online course. We have built an incredible Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure that our programme offers education in the best way. We have also created our analytics system that tracks each student’s journey. This system alerts our teams if a student struggles in a particular area. It allows us to help with human support.

What type of computer do I need?

Most computers are perfect for this programme. A good measure is, if you have no problem doing the 5 Day Coding Challenge – then you should be fine. However, we recommend that the computer has at least 4Gb RAM – 8Gb RAM is even better.

Do I need to be good at maths to complete this programme?

No. The primary skills you will need to succeed are problem-solving.

Finance & Funding
Is there finance available?

Yes. There are numerous finance packages available to students within the UK. Each finance option is on a case-by-case basis. Apart from Code Institute’s finance plan, the other options are decided upon by the financial institutions themselves.

The options and some of their criteria include:

  • Code Institute’s Payment Plans:
    • Best Value: Pay upfront and receive a scholarship fund of £1300.
    • Flexible Payment Options: We offer a range of 12 and 18 month payment options where you can change your career from a little as £366 a month.
  • Knoma
    Knoma offers a 0%, 12-month finance contract. Applicants must be UK residents and over 18 and will be subject to a soft credit search.
  • Lendwise
    Lendwise offers contracts of up to ten years. Interest rates are agreed upon based on your financial profile and the agreed length of repayment. Applicants will be subject to a soft credit search.
What is the Knoma Finance Plan?

Knoma offers a 0%, 12-month finance contract. Applicants must be a UK resident and over the age of 18. Applicants will be subject to a soft credit search. To find out more, contact an Education Advisor here. All finance plans are subject to terms and conditions.

What is the Lendwise Finance Plan?

Lendwise offers contracts of up to ten years. Interest rates are agreed based on your financial profile and the agreed length of repayment. Applicants will be subject to a soft credit search. To find out more, contact an Education Advisor here. All finance plans are subject to terms and conditions.

Is there a Code Institute Finance Plan?

Yes. This is a flexible payment plan. To find out more, contact an Education Advisor here. All finance plans are subject to terms and conditions.

  • Best Value: Pay upfront and receive a scholarship fund of £1300.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We offer a range of 12 and 18 month payment options where you can change your career from a little as £366 a month.
What is ReAct funding?

ReAct funding is a training award available to Welsh students provided by the Welsh Government. If you have been made redundant since January 2020, you might be eligible for funding of up to £1,500 for this programme. See more information here.

Future Career
Will my skills appeal to employers in an AI-driven future?

Absolutely. At Code Institute, we ensure that your new skills align with the demands of an AI-driven future. Learning languages like Python, a linchpin in AI development, will not only make you highly attractive to employers but also position you as a valuable asset in a workforce increasingly focused on AI technologies. The practical skills you acquire will set you apart in a competitive job market where adaptability and expertise in emerging technologies are highly sought after. Your Code Institute education is designed to make you not just job-ready but highly desirable to employers shaping the future of tech.

Will I get a tech job after this programme?

We help get you a job in tech. 98% of our graduates who use career services are employed in a tech role within 1 year of completing this programme. Our career services team is unrivalled, and we have more than a thousand global hiring partners.

Our careers team will help you with:

  • Setting up interviews
  • Interview preparation
  • Regular job alerts
  • Preparing your CV
  • Preparing your LinkedIn profile
  • Introducing you to employers
  • Regular webinars
  • One-on-one career coaching
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