Coding for Unemployed

Skills Bootcamps – Part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee,

helping everyone gain the skills for life

The fully-funded High Performance Full Stack Software Developer: Skills Bootcamp is offered to unemployed learners interested in moving into the tech industry. This 16-week, full-time training programme prepares learners for careers in the digital workforce as Full Stack Software Developers. On completion of the programme, learners will be provided a guaranteed interview with an employer for a real life tech vacancy. It is set to commence on April 29th, 2024.  

Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with an employer.

Course overview

The course covers common technical skills including;

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    Creation of interactive, front-end websites utilising industry-standard technologies such as HTML, CSS and ES6 JavaScript.
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    Understanding of creating and managing cloud-based databases natively and via an ORM.
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    Full-stack web frameworks utilising Python.

In addition, learners acquire job-ready skills, such as Agile team management, collaborative pair programming, verbal presentation skills and undertake immersive career coaching content, all of which ensure learners have both the technical knowledge and behavioural skills to succeed in the workplace.

Learners will complete three collaborative hackathon challenges and a summative final capstone project whilst on the programme, thus creating a body of work that can be shown to prospective employers and support their future employment opportunities.

Entry requirements

  1. Candidates must be at least 19 years old .
  2. Must have the right to work within the UK.
  3. Evidence of English language ability equivalent to IELTS Academic Level 6.0 if not a native speaker.
  4. Must not have taken part in another Skills Bootcamp programme within the current financial year (April 23 – current date).
  5. Current employment status: Unemployed and willing to secure a job within the Berkshire region.
  6. Commitment: Must be committed to an intensive, full-time training schedule for 16 weeks and subsequently, securing employment following training completion.
  7. Aptitude: Completion of Code Institute’s 5-Step Coding Challenge. A logical thinker with a desire to learn and problem solve.
  8. Personal Statement and CV: Submit a min. 500-word personal statement and most recent CV.
  9. Interview: Pass a telephone interview hosted by Code Institute, which lasts approximately 25 minutes. 
  10. Previous experience: The course is designed to take people with little or no coding experience who show an aptitude for learning coding through the 5 Step Coding Challenge
  11. Comfortable studying online for extended periods and at a self-directed pace between live supports. 
  12. Have access to a laptop/PC with a minimum 4 GB RAM. A second monitor is highly recommended.
  13. Have been ordinarily resident in the UK or British Overseas Territories or Crown Dependencies (Channel Islands and Isle of Man) for at least the previous 3 years, on the first day of learning. Exceptions apply please direct you query to the Code Institute Admissions team after registering your interest.

Tentative weekly course curriculum

Week 1

Onboarding, Intro to HTML, Agile behaviours, Careers.

Week 2

HTML to CSS, Problem-solving.

Week 3

CSS Fonts & measurement units, Dealing with Distractions, Accountability.

Week 4

Intro to an IDE and Git, Teamwork, personal retro.

Week 5

UX, HTML & CSS project, Team planning, How to Estimate.

Week 6

Bootstrap library, Team retros.

Week 7

Bootstrap project, Lightning Jam & decision-making.

Week 8

Hackathon 1, Careers, Intro to imperative languages, presentation basics.

Week 9

JavaScript, The Creativity Cycle, Pair Programming.

Week 10

JavaScript Challenge, APIs, Hackathon 2, Careers, Presenting solutions.

Week 11

Intro to Python.

Week 12

Python & Postgres, using an ORM.

Week 13

Intro to Python web frameworks, Django.

Week 14

Building a blog app in Django, Hackathon.

Week 15

Capstone project week.

Week 16

Capstone project week (summative assessment), Careers sessions & closing day.

The final weekly curriculum will be confirmed following the assessment process completion. 

Learning outcomes

By participating in the 16 week coding bootcamp, the learner will be able to;

Use an Agile methodology to plan and design a Full-Stack Web application using an MVC framework and related contemporary technologies.

Implement a data model, application features and business logic to manage, query and manipulate data to meet given needs in a particular real-world domain.

Identify and apply authorisation, authentication and permission features in a Full-Stack web application solution.

Create manual and/or automated tests for a Full-Stack Web application using an MVC framework and related contemporary technologies.

Use a distributed version control system and a repository hosting service to document, develop and maintain a Full-Stack Web application using an MVC framework and related contemporary technologies.

Deploy a Full-Stack Web application using an MVC framework and related contemporary technologies to a cloud-based platform.

Understand and use object-based software concepts.

How to apply

Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

Register your interest via the ‘Apply now’ button

Code Institute will enrol you into the assessment process.

Complete the 5-Step Coding Challenge.

Submit the personal statement and CV

Complete a telephone Interview


If your application is successful, Code Institute will extend a training offer to you.