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Shaping the future skills landscape by partnering with government agencies, colleges and students to empower the next generation of learners in an AI-driven future.

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Who are we?

Code Institute is at the forefront of shaping the future workforce. By collaborating with governments, colleges, and individuals, we empower learners with the skills demanded by an AI-driven future.

Our programs have gained wide recognition and seamless integration into education systems, endorsed by numerous colleges and supported by various funding opportunities in the UK and Ireland and through schemes such as the Bildungsgutschein in Germany and CSN finance in Sweden.

Join us in leading the charge to shape the future workforce, where individuals are equipped with the skills demanded by the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Forging the future workforce: partnering with governments for digital AI-driven skills

Endorsed by Further Education Colleges and Combined Authorities in the UK and Education Training Boards in Ireland, our programs offer a clear pathway into the tech industry through our Level 3 and Level 5 offerings, providing the essential skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Going beyond borders, our commitment to accessibility is truly global. We collaborate with Social Initiatives funds, offering exclusive training programs for women, the hard-of-hearing community and underrepresented minorities to open doors to meaningful careers in the tech sector.

We want to keep doing what we’re doing with Code Institute and help more people – and more different people – build the futures they want.”

Alison Muggridge

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Quality at WAES

What we do

We deliver online, practical skills in full-stack software development, web application development, e-commerce, predictive analytics, and advanced front end to help learners change jobs. These skills incorporate key components for success in an AI-driven future.

We transform learning

Code Institute is a global EdTech company headquartered in Ireland that has torn up the slow and outdated rule book for delivering software development skills, including those necessary for the AI era. Our LMS, analytics, learning success team, and career services provide round-the-clock learning, support, and advice to make career change possible.

Python driving AI

Python stands out as one of the main languages driving the advancement of artificial intelligence. Its simplicity and versatility make it a preferred choice for developers and data scientists alike. Python’s extensive libraries provide robust frameworks for machine learning and deep learning, crucial components of AI. Its seamless integration with data science tools and its popularity in the development of AI applications make Python an indispensable language for those aspiring to navigate the forefront of technological innovation. At Code Institute, we recognise the pivotal role Python plays in shaping the future of AI, and our curriculum ensures that learners develop a strong foundation in Python programming to excel in the dynamic and exciting field of artificial intelligence.

Industry leader in EdTech

Code Institute is recognised by the industry as the gold standard in career conversion, with each programme being industry-validated and university credit-rated or accredited by the relevant awarding body. We deliver software development programmes directly to learners and via our education partners in further education. Code Institute also partners with governments worldwide on training initiatives related to employment, diversity, and equality in the tech sector.

2000+ hiring partners around the world
98% career service users employed within one year


Committed to landing you a job you’ll love

We understand that changing careers is a big step. That’s why we created our 3-step careers accelerator programme to build your confidence and land a job where you can excel. Our careers teams are here for you from day one. Our mission is to help you accelerate in tech.

  • Access to Europe’s exclusive tech hiring partners
  • Lifelong careers support
  • 28% of learners hit their career goal before graduating
  • 98%+ are hired within 1 year of qualifying

Your transformation team

The transformation team behind every learner is over 100 strong. Their depth of expertise and experience shapes the course delivery and provides round-the-clock support to ensure learner success. They are responsible for the rich, relevant content, innovative delivery, and instilling the focus, motivation, and confidence it takes to succeed.

Code Institute Social Initiatives

Code Institute Social Initiatives funds and delivers training that gives refugees and underrepresented minorities access to a meaningful career in the tech sector.

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