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When it comes to Software Development education, we’ve ripped up the slow and outdated rule book. Our unique and accelerated approach will help you keep pace with a rapidly changing world. We’ve revolutionised online learning to transform our students’ lives and bridge skills gaps all over the world. Join the thousands of students, educators and governments in over 40 countries who share our mission and ambition. Soon, you’ll be reaping the benefits.

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We are setting the global standard for online education. We are the only University Credit-Rated Bootcamp in Europe & UK
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Diploma in Full Stack Software Development

The most advanced curriculum in the world

Full Stack Development Curriculum

Coding Essentials & Full Stack Toolkit Modules

Learners become proficient in software development for both front-end and back-end technologies. Some of the skills learner gain include:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and jQuery.
  • Integrated Development Environment + Testing
  • UI/UX Design + Design Thinking
  • Bootstrap, Flask, Jest, Django Frameworks
  • Database Management System (DBMS)


Learners Choose 1 Specializations Path

1. e-Commerce Applications

e-Commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate and companies like Amazon are hiring thousands of coders to meet this demand.  Just about every industry is racing to build and expand its online trading capabilities.

Learn how to build a fully functional live e-Commerce platform with integrated searchable catalogue, shopping basket and payment facilities: 

  • Build a product catalogue
  • Search and filter functionality 
  • A functional payment system using Stripe
  • A full featured authentication system 
  • Real time notifications to guide user experience  
  • Use Stripe, Amazon Web Services, Heroku and more 

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2. Advanced Front-End + React

React is a framework that helps coders to deliver an amazing user experience. Employers like Facebook and Instagram love it as it creates easily managed apps that get products to market faster.

By choosing this specialization you will develop a detailed knowledge of the most popular front-end development frameworks

  • Gain a detailed knowledge of the most popular front-end development framework 
  • Learn to build a complex front-end environment like a content management site. 
  • Build advanced front-end React skills
  • Learn how to combine this with django Rest framework to build functionally rich applications.

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3. Predictive Analytics

You will get hands-on experience on creating predictive systems which can help business in decision making and time management. You will learn how to create a real time industrial scaled predictive analytics system which uses machine learning models, to predict risks related to business ideas and actions.

  • Map business requirements to machine learning problems 
  • Obtain actionable insights using data analysis and manipulation
  • Create intelligent systems using machine learning
  • Represent data stories via data visualization

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90% Of Our Grads Are Employed Within 6 Months

Code Institute’s Careers Hub is an online, immersive 10-step programme that is designed to give you direction on your career pathway. You will engage with our careers team from day one to map your path and secure a great new coding career. At the end of the full stack development course, you will have the confidence to showcase your skills, talents, and your personality to excel in your new coding career. Our exclusive careers programme has helped generate job offers for the thousands of students who have gone before you.

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What do employers think?

Our team is constantly looking for Full Stack Developers with knowledge of e-Commerce, Advanced Front-End, and Predictive Analytics. These are seriously in-demand skills right now. Code Institute’s curriculum is the most advanced we’ve seen – giving their students not only the tools to change their career but also to excel and progress quickly in their chosen field.
Oliver Perry
Associate Director
Our hiring team recruits in multiple technical disciplines – from global multinationals to growing startups. Finding and hiring software developers with additional specializations within areas like Front-End, Data & e-Commerce is hugely in demand. Having access to this talent pool that Code Institute is educating in these skills is brilliant for the tech industry.
Gerard Doyle
Founder & CEO

Active Learning Activates Success

Students learn best by doing, fact. We build your personal, flexible learning journey around this very truth. Then we deliver it through smarter use of technology and data – our Intelligent Analytics track your progress and let us know when to step in with person-to-person support. We also get to know you, your style and your strengths and this means we’re able to match you with careers that fuel your drive and see you thrive. Our incredible track record in match-making developers to companies is no accident.

University Credit Rated Programme
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3 Specialization Learning Paths
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Empowering Higher Education

Code Institute powers online education. Going beyond traditional learning management systems, we use technology, people, and data to help deliver accredited skills-for-employment with robust destination data. Code Institute is working with the leading universities and colleges to transform digital education.

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Transforming Stereotypes of Who & What Software Developers Can Be

We are a tribe, a like-minded community with shared aspirations to respect, learn and code. With our powerful alumni network of 3000 developers, we are making a real impact on the future of Digital Skills in Europe

Meet the Revolutionaries

We’re an eccentric group of problem solvers and innovators. We’re proud to have revolutionised online education and transformed the learner to earner process, taking completion rates and employment skills to a whole new level. If you’re ready to transform your life, we’re ready to show you how.

Meet Your Career Transformation Team

Brian O’Grady

Programme Director

Brian has a passion for modern technology at both a technical and human level. As Programme Director, he brings close to twenty years’ industry and educational experience to the Code Institute programmes.

Matt Rudge

Senior Product Developer

Matt is our Senior Product Developer. He has over thirty years’ experience as a software developer, educator and public speaker. He is passionate about helping students to become job-ready developers.

Jane Gormley

Employment Director

Jane is our Director of Employer Engagement and is tasked with establishing exciting career paths for our graduates all over the world. From start-ups to multinationals, our graduates are placed in diverse roles internationally.

Neil Kavanagh

Student Care Team Lead

Neil is our Student Care team lead. He and his team are the friendly voices at the other end of the phone, helping all of our students achieve their goals to become developers. They’ll keep you motivated, moving forward, and help answer any questions you may have about the course.

Jim Morel

Community Engagement

Jim is our Community Manager and is focused on accelerating the success of student and alumni communities through purpose-driven engagement, content and events.

Miklos Sarosi

Mentoring Lead

As the Mentoring lead, Miklos is focused on your learning success. This begins by matching you with one of our mentors, who are industry professionals with years of experience building full-stack software. We have a team of 37 mentors with a wealth of experience in companies like; Cisco, BNP Paribas, Amazon, Intel and more.

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