AI for Business Leaders

This course goes beyond simply explaining the benefits of AI, and provides leaders with the necessary practical skills and understanding required to weave AI into their business.

You’ll learn how to build AI implementation strategies, structure teams efficiently, assess risk and ensure the execution of responsible AI practices.

Competitive Edge

Get the knowledge to implement cutting-edge AI solutions that differentiate your organisation so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Strategic Innovation

Identify and prioritise AI initiatives that align with your business to open new revenue streams, drive innovation and enhance customer satisfaction.

Efficiency and Productivity

Learn how to optimise operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity so your team can focus on high-value activities and strategic growth.

Empowered Decision-Making

Make more informed decisions with a deeper understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations, enabling strategic planning for future projects.

Responsible Implementation

Ensure your AI initiatives are compliant with regulations and ethically grounded, building trust among stakeholders and customers.

Culture and Collaboration

Foster a data-driven leadership culture that embraces AI and promotes cross-functional collaboration & innovation across your organisation.

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Why learn more about AI?

Many leaders consider knowledge of AI to be an important skill, but it’s much more than that. AI is transforming how organizations do business, from automating tasks to reducing costs and increasing revenue through shorter go-to-market cycles. Without a solid understanding of AI’s capabilities and responsible implementation, you and your organisation could easily fall behind. Strategic AI adoption with effective and responsible implementation is crucial to stay ahead of competitors.

“Artificial intelligence and generative AI may be the most important technology of any lifetime.” — Marc Benioff, Salesforce Co-founder.

How Will I Learn

AI for Business Leaders

Qualification: Code Institute Certificate

Duration: 12 weeks

Weekly Commitment: 4 hours (3 hours of instructor-led delivery and 1 hour of self-study)

Delivery: Live remote

Assessment: Continuous assessment; Project: Implementation plan for introducing or improving AI practices into your organisation

Key Concepts and Organisational Readiness
Gain a fundamental understanding of AI concepts, technologies, risks, challenges and applications
AI Vision, Strategy and Governance
Learn how to create an AI vision, organisational structure and data-driven leadership culture
AI Strategy to Execution
Identify potential AI initiatives, develop a framework for prioritisation and measure impact & ROI
Navigating EU AI Act & UK AI Framework
Understand the importance of responsible AI, exploring appropriate ethics and regulations
Fostering Organisational Dynamics for AI Success
Plan for the future by building trust, identifying talent, and enhancing communication and transparency

Prepare your organisation for an AI-driven future

Mastering AI can seem daunting, but our specialised, step-by-step course makes it straightforward and accessible. Designed for forward-thinking leaders, this program combines strategic insights with practical, actionable knowledge to deliver immediate and significant business impact. 

In just 12 weeks, you’ll create applicable takeaways like Self Assessment Reports, AI Vision Statements, and AI Impact Analysis Frameworks, which can be immediately applied to your business, to ensure you stay at the forefront of innovation within your industry.

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