AI for Business Operations

With the ready availability of AI, your team has access to cutting-edge technology, but do they know how to use it effectively?

This course equips your team with the knowledge and practical tools to identify high-impact initiatives and collaborate effectively with technical partners. They’ll learn how to integrate AI within their departments and achieve measurable ROI, ensuring your business stays competitive and innovative.

Competitive Edge

Turn non-technical product owners into pivotal AI advocates, while making financial gains through a shorter go-to-market cycle.

Strategic Innovation

Identify AI use cases, prioritise projects strategically, develop metrics for assessing AI project impact, and define MVPs for digital products.

Efficiency and Productivity

Discover how to identify AI opportunities, ideate, prototype, and effectively guide technical teams.

Empowered Decision-Making

Understand decision-making frameworks for planning and managing AI projects.

Responsible Implementation

Emerge as key drivers of AI process optimisation, equipped to leverage AI for strategic improvements and innovations.

Culture and Collaboration

Foster a data-driven leadership culture that embraces AI and promotes cross-functional collaboration and innovation across your organisation.

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Why learn more about AI?

You’ll already know that AI can increase your team’s efficiency. But did you know it can help to create new revenue streams, increase differentiation, highlight bottlenecks, spot high value opportunities, prioritise project backlog and ensure you achieve measurable return on your investments?

AI is no longer a helpful tool but a key business enabler, and without it, you and your organisation may be falling behind.

How Will I Learn

AI for Business Operations

Qualification: Code Institute Certificate

Duration: 12 weeks

Weekly Commitment: 4 hours (3 hours of instructor-led delivery and 1 hour of self-study)

Delivery: Live remote

Assessment: Continuous assessment

Key Concepts for AI Product Owners
Gain a fundamental understanding of AI potential, optimisation and applications
The Essentials of Product Ownership for AI Champions
Learn AI best practices and how to instill a how to digital-first, customer-centric approach
AI Strategy to Execution
Identify potential AI initiatives, develop a framework for prioritisation and measure impact & ROI
Navigating EU AI Act & UK AI Framework
Understand the importance of responsible AI, exploring appropriate ethics and regulations
Planning and Managing AI Projects
Equip product owners with decision-making frameworks and understand AI product life cycles

Empower department champions to turn challenges into competitive advantages

Your teams understand their department’s operations and challenges, but do they know how to utilise AI to gain a competitive edge? This course will provide your team with the skills to leverage AI for optimising processes and driving innovation.

Through hands-on training, practical exercises, and real-world applications, participants on our course will emerge as the key drivers of AI process optimisation in their domains, equipped to leverage AI for strategic improvements and innovations.

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