Specialised AI courses to empower your business

Is your business AI literate, or are you still in the dark?

Our specialised AI courses are designed to bridge the significant knowledge gap among key decision-makers. These courses deliver immediate and tangible improvements, empowering you to drive a higher ROI.

AI for Business Leaders 

This course goes beyond simply explaining the benefits of AI, and provides leaders with the necessary practical skills and understanding required to weave AI into their business. 

AI for Business Operations 

With the ready availability of AI, your team has access to some seriously cutting edge tech. But do they know how to use it? This course teaches you how to spot high impact initiatives, and the best ways to achieve measurable ROI.

Which course is for you?

AI for Business Leaders

Applicable takeaways for senior leadership teams and middle management from this course

  • Self Assessment Report
  • Risk Analysis
  • AI Vision Statement
  • Organisational Design
  • AI Initiative Backlog
  • AI Impact Analysis Framework
  • AI Project Life Cycle Template
  • Compliance Implementation Plan

AI for Business Operations

Applicable takeaways for experienced departmental leaders from this course

  • Self Assessment Readiness Report
  • Digital Product Plan 
  • AI Initiative Backlog
  • Impact Analysis Plan
  • Responsible AI Implementation Plan
  • AI Project Life Cycle Analysis: from Planning to Deployment

Thought Leadership Events

AI Tech Skills Forum 2024

Take a look at what we got up to at our biggest forum yet, discussing skills needs and management insights for AI adoption. The founders of Data Value Hub and Maverick AI emphasized the need for companies to adopt AI technologies to stay competitive and improve efficiency. 

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What is the IAC?

Discover the importance of the Industry Advisory Council and how it influences the courses we offer.

We recently caught up with business leaders, industry experts and partners to sense check the exciting new ideas we have for our qualifications.

Peter O’Connell

Head of Product at Code Institute

AI impacts businesses of all sizes and stages of AI adoption. Effective implementation can significantly enhance project delivery and value creation, as highlighted by McKinsey’s estimate of at least $3.5 trillion in additional value through AI adoption.”

Dr. Paul Byrnes

Mavarick AI CEO 

A key to understanding financial implications of product development with AI with the aim to commercialise the product, is identifying the cost benefit for the company. Key questions to answer here are – does it financially make sense and is the upside large enough for you to progress with the development?”

Mark Cuban

Businessman & CEO

If you’re a CEO, you can’t just get your tech guys to understand AI for you, you have to understand, because it will have  a significant impact on everything you do.”

Prepare your organisation for an AI-driven future

Don’t risk falling behind the competition. Equip your teams with practical tools to make a significant impact within their domains, and start your strategic AI adoption at an organisational level.

Our courses address all stages of AI adoption. Whether you need an AI strategy and organizational guidance, or you’re looking to train non-technical AI product owners at the departmental or business unit level, we provide the expertise you need to succeed.