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Finance your studies

You can finance your studies with Weiterbildungsgeld, your monthly allowance of Bildungsteilzeit, or your tax returns.

University and Industry Approved

A University Credit-Rated programme tailored to the demands of Austria’s IT Industry and the job market.

Trusted by Employers

Employers benefit the most from your upskilling, and may even get Qualifizierungsförderung from the AMS to finance your studies.

1000+ hiring partners employ our graduates


Take paid time off work and become a more valuable professional in 10 months

Our Full-Stack Software Development Programme is designed in conjunction with our partners in the Software Development Industry. It is credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland, approved by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle as a Berufliche Weiterbildung, and designed in consultation with the AMS to coincide with the requirements for Bildungskarenz and Bildungsteilzeit.

Benefits of Bildungskarenz with Code Institute

Focus on Your Education

With Bildungskarenz, you can prioritise your further education without any obstacles. This means students can dedicate their time and energy solely to mastering the art of coding while their expenses are covered.

Add Massive Value to Your Company

By acquiring new coding skills through Code Institute’s programme, you’ll become an indispensable asset to your company. Your enhanced expertise will significantly impact your projects and your team’s success, making you a key player in the organisation.

Financial Support

The Bildungskarenz corresponds to 55-80% of your salary for the time you are studying with us. This financial support ensures you can focus on your learning journey without worrying about financial burdens.

No Need to Quit Your Job

Don’t worry about choosing between your current job and further education. Bildungskarenz allows you to continue your employment while taking up to 10 months of employer-approved time off. You can return to the company if you so desire and expect a promotion.

How to apply

To be eligible for Bildungskarenz, you must meet the following criteria:

Minimum six-month continuous employment period with the same employer (three months for seasonal workers).

Mutual agreement between employer and employee (Vereinbarung über Bildungskarenz).

Code Institute’s acceptance letter to our programme designed for professionals in Bildungskarenz (Zulassungsbescheid, Studienverlauf, Stundenplan, KVA). Video on Bildungskarenz

How to apply for the Bildungskarenz and/or Bildungsteilzeit:
I’ve applied to Bildungskarenz and/or Bildungsteilzeit already:

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Welcome to our Programme.

Next start dates: Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 • Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 • Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 • Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

Full-Stack Software Development Programme

10-Month, part-time, minimum of 20 hours per week. For beginners or intermediate level.

Three steps to
transform your career
in 10 months

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Learn the skills to become a Full-Stack Software Developer
counter item
Complete a specialist skill path for your final project
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Get the one-to-one support to land your dream job

You will first learn the languages, frameworks and tools to slot into an agile development team.

Essentials Modules

In this introduction to front-end software development and key UX techniques, you will gain competency in the top three programming languages, CSS, JavaScript & Python. You’ll then demonstrate that knowledge in three projects which will be part of your portfolio to showcase your skills for employers.

Full Stack Toolkit Modules

Here you will learn how to access databases and use tools like Bootstrap, Django, JQuery, PyTest & Jest. You will discover how to test code, how agile development teams work and complete your full stack project. You’re now ready to add an advanced specialist skill and complete your qualification.

Students on Bildungskarenz are eligible to study eCommerce as a specialist skill path for their final project to gain valuable expertise in a highly sought-after tech field.

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    eCommerce Applications Build a full–scale online retail experience with a functioning eCommerce platform. Learn more

Career Hub Module is delivered by Code Institute’s Career Services Team. These are recruitment experts with extensive experience. They’re invested in your success and focused on giving you the industry insights, professional presentation skills and access to hiring partners that will get you hired.

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    1000+ Hiring Partners around the world
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    28% of learners are hired while on the program
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    98% are employed within 1 year of graduation

Industry-aligned and
university credit-rated program

A trusted qualification that will help
you fast-track your career

Code Institute is the only University credit-rated coding bootcamp in Europe and is approved to the highest standards.
This means you will receive a trusted and recognised qualification that will help you to progress faster in your new career.

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Why Code Institute?

Code Institute provides professional qualifications programmes tailored to the demands of the European Software Development industry. We are excited to have arrived in Austria, especially in Vienna, as more than 27.000 high-paying jobs in Software Development are available and there for the taking for those who can get the job done.

Code Institute’s Full-Stack Software Development programme is a comprehensive Berufliche Weiterbildung devoted to supplying the demand of software developers who are able to tackle the challenges of the fast-paced digitisation in Europe.

No coding experience required

Designed for beginner or intermediate level.

Trusted by employers

Only university credit-rated online coding bootcamp.

98% hire rate

Personalised career support.

Our graduates go further faster

Adrian Rus

Graduated from Code Institute 2015

This course is very practical – you learn by doing. Working with new technologies – it’s very relevant to the careers market

Career path

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    Role Pre Code Institute
    Assistant Manager, Nandos
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    QA Engineer, Terminal Four
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Senior Systems Analyst, Mastercard

Simen Daehlin

Graduated from Code Institute 2017

In 3 short years, my salary has increased by over 200%

Career path

  • icon
    Role Pre Code Institute
    Sales Agent, Mobile Phones
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    Customer Support, Google
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Strapi Squad Lead Developer, Virgin Mobile

Kira Estrada

Graduated from Code Institute 2019

Don’t fear change. That’s it. Above all, do not have any fear of change

Career path

  • icon
    Role Pre Code Institute
    Montessori teacher
  • icon
    2019, Code Institute Graduation
    Associate Customer Support Specialist, Hubspot
  • icon
    2022, Current Role
    Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist, Hubspot

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