Why online learning is now better than classroom

Education is changing rapidly. While traditional education is still tipping along, there can be no denying the change in the learning landscape. No longer is education confined to a stuffy room with 35 other students all working away at what should be the same pace. The benefits of online courses are plentiful. With it you get a more tailored approach to education. An education that you can embrace at a pace that is more suited for you.

Benefits of online courses

Before kicking off with 5 of the many benefits of online courses, we will be the first to tell you that just because it’s online, it does not make it easy. Online courses require commitment and persistence like anything else in this world worth doing. If you enter an online course thinking it doesn’t require a lot of effort, then it may not be for you. However, if you’re willing to commit, then this type of education will open up a whole new world of learning.

1. Education at a pace that suits you

One of the downsides of traditional learning is that there is only one pace that you can stick to. That’s the pace of your teacher. Regardless of the learning abilities of fellow classmates, you’re stuck with the pace of the teacher. This means that if a teacher is spending too much time focusing on a student who is not grasping things quick enough, the rest of the classroom suffers. Likewise, if a teacher moves too quickly for some students who are frightened to put their hands up and admit it, it can be tough.

Generally, online boot camps are more flexible with time. In many cases, there is a limit as to how much time a student gets, but it is more than ample when compared to an in-class environment. This allows a student to move at a pace which is more suited to them. A student can go through it quickly if they find they are in a rhythm and can follow the coursework. Likewise, if a student is not in the same rhythm, they can take it slowly and go through the course in that fashion.

2. A more comfortable learning environment

Another of the major benefits of online courses is the flexibility of where you study. If you’re working from your laptop, once you have broadband, the world is your oyster. However, in the world of coding, we’d generally advise you to choose somewhere that allows you to concentrate. If you’re working away from home, you can spend an hour or two of your evening catching up on coursework. Likewise, if you do the course from home, you can do the course in a space where you feel comfortable.

3. More choice

The variety of online courses now available is hugely extensive. There are thousands to choose from. Whether it’s computer programming that you want to learn or a foreign language, there are options.

4. Better communications

Some people would argue that personal contact and communications might suffer when it comes to online courses. However, generally, if an online student is taking part in a paid-for course, they will receive more attention from tutors, mentors and care teams than they would in a traditional classroom. Yes, it’s true, there is more possibility of face-to-face interaction in a classroom. But, with online courses, you usually get allocated periods of time to ensure that difficulties are addressed to their fullest. Reputable online courses will have a support team available for all aspects of a program.

It’s also worth noting that good course providers will monitor the progress that a student is making. Learning management systems like this are not available in traditional classrooms. These systems mean that potential problems can be identified in a swifter manner.

5. You can keep on working

While we recommend that you give the necessary time to an online course, it is definitely possible to take part and continue working. Full-time in-class courses demand that you be present in the classroom, which unfortunately for some people means packing in existing work and slogging it for the course duration. With online learning, if you manage your time correctly, you can still work and have time for your social life too.

Commitment is key

There are many benefits of online courses, and only some were outlined here. The main thing we tell people is that you still need to be committed. We often say it, nothing worth having happens without effort, and receiving an online education needs that same commitment.

If you want to see if you’re suited to an online course, why not try our 5 Day Coding challenge? Sign up now through the form below.

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