Megan Armstrong

Employer Engagement Executive

Megan Armstrong is a Tech Careers Counsellor and Employer Engagement Executive. She has a professional background in Psychology and has brought those skills into her work with Code Institute. Megan is also responsible for Catching Coders, Code Institute’s amazing podcast series. Megan works diligently with the Career Services team and strives to assist our students in getting hired.

THE Tech Jobs for  2023 

The technology field is vast, and it keeps expanding as well as advancing as years pass by. Technology opens up exciting opportunities for everyone. These opportunities are beneficial for many graduates and others.  As technology keeps growing, more job opportunities arise. This gives people who are in the technology field the chance to choose various […]

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What Do Your First Five Years As A Dev Look Like? 

You have finally got your dream job as a developer. Now you are leaping around the house out of joy. Now that you have got your job, you will be in the process of getting ready to impress in your new workplace. However, before that, like anyone, you have some nerves to cool down about […]

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Your first year as a Software Developer

Are you making a move to software development? Have you just started learning how to code? Or, have you finally landed your dream career as a software developer in your dream firm? Wherever you are in your coding journey, congratulations on getting this far. Today, we’ll give you a peek into some of the challenges […]

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10 reasons to become a developer

Software developers are literally in every industry. With technology getting more innovative and affordable, every niche industry employs specific software to manage and coordinate their businesses. This rising demand necessitates hiring new and more software engineers capable of producing high-quality software for those businesses. However, is the great demand the only reason you want to […]

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Tech Roles in Non-Tech Companies  

Regularly, readers ask us if tech professionals work only in tech companies. Our response is always simple. No. Technology is used in practically every popular niche industry that requires a strong customer relationship. This means niches like retail, finance and healthcare are in constant demand for tech forces in their teams. So, let’s look at […]

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7 Career Change Tips for Software Development

Have you come to a realisation that the career you’ve selected isn’t suited for you after years of working in the same field? If you have, you are not alone since many have been in your stance before. So what area are you choosing to convert to? Is it the software development sector? If that’s […]

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Miguel Martinez : Code Institute Graduate

2-Minute Read

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Impostor Syndrome in Web Development

Impostor Syndrome is defined as:A psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those with the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving […]

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