Back-End Developer Salaries


Back-End Developer Salaries

When it comes to back-end developer salaries, there’s a lot of variability depending on where you look. However, one thing is certain: back-end developers are well compensated for their expertise and experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at back-end developer salaries across three career stages in six countries, giving you a better idea of what you can expect to earn in this field.

Back-End Developer Salaries by Career Stage

Below you will find averages from different sources regarding back-end developer salaries. Each figure has a source attached. 

Junior Back-End Developer

Junior back-end developers are just starting out in their careers and typically have less than two years of experience in the field. As a result, their salaries are generally lower than those of more experienced developers, but they can still expect to earn a respectable wage.

Back-End Developer

Back-end developers with a few years of experience under their belt are considered mid-level developers. They’re often responsible for more complex projects and are paid accordingly.

Senior Back-End Developer

Senior back-end developers are highly skilled professionals who have been in the field for many years. They’re often responsible for managing teams and overseeing large-scale projects, and their salaries reflect their level of expertise.


In conclusion, back-end developer salaries can vary significantly depending on the country and the career stage. However, despite these variations, a career in back-end development can be highly rewarding both creatively and financially.

Note that the sources may have different methods for collecting salary data and definitions for career stages, so the numbers presented in the article should be considered approximate.

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