Best Free Coding Bootcamps 2023


Best Free Coding Bootcamps 2023

Whenever you look on the internet about coding, you will see articles exaggerating the average time to comprehend and complete coding courses. While practising and mastering coding may take time, learning can be a fun experience. The good news is that there are many free coding bootcamps that can teach you the basics. 

The internet is awash with ways for people to learn for free. For some, this is incredibly useful. However, for others, they prefer to have someone to guide them through their learning. However, getting the grips of the basics is always a great way to start.  Today, we look at some of the best free coding courses for beginners. 

Best Free Coding Bootcamps for Beginners 

1. Code Institute – 5 Day Coding Challenge

Code Institute’s free 5 Day Coding Challenge brings complete beginners through to building their first-ever web page after just one hour a day over five days. This short programme shows students how their LMS works and how they deliver their content on their paid-for university credit-rated Full-Stack Development programme.

This five-day challenge is fun, and you won’t be alone. Code Institute sets users up within their own Slack community so fellow learners can talk to each other. Throughout the challenge, you will also learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Upon completing this coding challenge, students receive a certificate to say it has been completed.  

2. freeCodeCamp

As the name literally implies, freeCodeCamp has a stellar history of providing online coding courses for free. In addition, this platform has designed various bootcamps along with certifications for different programming fields. This includes certifications in responsive web designs to APIs, front-end development as well as microservices. Machine learning and Python certifications are also available. 

3. SkillCrush

SkillCrush is yet another platform well known for providing a diverse range of programming courses helping aspiring programmers to ace up their coding skills. With the coding bootcamp provided by this platform, programmers can learn a-z about web development, UX basics and many more and all for free. 

4. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit organisation that has a record of providing free courses for aspiring programmers. Along with web development, Ada Developers Academy also provides internship offers and soft skills training such as leadership, project management etc.

5. MIT OpenCourseWare

Are there more befitting courses than that of MIT OpenCourseWare, which provides you with ample knowledge of programming and an accredited certificate from an Ivy league institute? 

The credential and knowledge are worth running for, even though the course is specifically created for programmers with little understanding of Python and is very self-paced and is not as dynamic as bootcamps.

6. NodeSchool

NodeSchool is a free online coding bootcamp that provides a variety of tutorials and courses. The programme is free and managed entirely by volunteers. Anyone who can install the workshops on their computer can participate in the free coding programme or workshop. This isn’t your typical free online coding school, but it’s an excellent resource for self-taught programmers.

Start Learning

Learning to code is definitely a good move. Developers are in huge demand. When it comes to free bootcamps, they can be invaluable for many who want to tip their toe in the water of programming. Here’s the thing, most industries now need software developers, but even when they don’t, they do expect their staff to understand things like HTML and CSS. If you want to sign up for Code Institute’s 5 Day Coding Challenge, you can do so through the form below. Remember – it’s free!

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