Code Institute Teams Up with for its First Hackathon

What happens when you put a bunch of budding developers into a room, give them a domain name, and two hours?

Code Institute Hackathon

That was the question of the night, as Code Institute teamed up with to host its very first hackathon. The team from – Jared Ewy, Alex Kehr, and Ashley Forker – traveled all the way from Denver, Colorado to lead the hackathon, showing us a good time and building up the confidence of our students in the process.


After warming up the crowd with pizza and beer, the challenge was announced –  to create a website from scratch for the domain name… And they had two hours to get it done.

The participants divided up into teams and quickly got to work. The room was abuzz with energy, fingers furiously coding away. And as the minutes ticked by, the excitement mounted – what in the world were they coming to come up with?
What they came up was pretty impressive, especially considering that most of them didn’t know how to code a month ago. Every team had a different idea of what a website called represented – from a way to translate dolphin speak into English, dolphin fighting style training equipment, and a play on words with an attachable fin for your doll. The visual presence of the sites were colourful and comical (in a good way), and the teams did a great job of presenting their vision to the group.
One team came out on top at the end (this was a competition, after all) but, without trying to sound too corny, everyone in the room was a winner. These weren’t a group of experienced developers, and the idea of building a website on the fly – a website that was going to be presented in front of their peers – must have been a bit intimidating.
But the end result proved that anyone that who wants to learn to code can do it, and that teamwork pays off.

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