What Coding Languages Should You Learn?

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What Coding Languages Should You Learn?

If you’re new to coding, the many different coding languages can be confusing.
What does each language do?
What languages are the most useful?
What languages are in demand?
The infographic below shows what each major language does, as well as a brief history and some salary figures.
*DISCLAIMER* The information below is accurate for major US cities, but salary figures in Ireland are different. Information on Irish IT salaries can be found here.

Database Programming

In layman’s terms, a database is a collection of organised data and information. These databases contain many tables with multiple fields containing information on a company’s clients or employees.    Nearly every website uses databases, notably eCommerce websites, to record sales, shipments, and other information using special database software. This software is essential for organising, updating, […]

What Are HTML Tags?

When a web browser sees an HTML tag, it knows what to do with the material. Tags allow a web browser to differentiate between HTML and plain text. Opening tag, content, and closing tag all make up a single HTML tag. But some HTML tags are not closed tags. What Are HTML Tags? An HTML […]

What is AWS?

AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing technology platform provided by one of the most well-known organisations, Amazon. This innovative and evolving platform provides customers with a myriad of services like servers, storage, networking, virtual computing, email, hosting services, and privacy. Storage is an essential asset for practically every organisation. Previously, […]