Committed to Student Success

Code Institute is committed to our student’s success. We are continually investing in our platform, curriculum and careers team so our students can land their dream job and progress quickly in tech.

Since the foundation of Code Institute in 2014, the world of technology and the software development landscape has changed dramatically. The last two years have seen a massive shift in how we work, and as a result, the demand for software developers has increased. With these mammoth changes, Code Institute has, in the last nine months, invested a further €1 million in the development of our full-stack software development programme, from our career support channels to our LMS and from our support structure to how we deliver our content to our students. 

Our commitment to our students

The demand for software developers is increasing at a rapid rate. Code Institute has recognised this and invested in itself to get ahead of the curve so that our students can grasp the opportunities that arise. 

As many as 60% of UK businesses report an increasing reliance on technology. However, the problem is that there are not enough developers to fulfil these roles. The Adecco Group’s Hired reports that software engineers received more than twice the average number of interview requests in 2021 than in 2020. 

We aim to deliver a programme and the necessary support to ensure our students and graduates’ best possible chance to fulfil the skills gap in software development. So far, we have been excelling, with as many as 90% of our graduates employed within six months of completing our course. In fact, up to 25% of our graduates are employed before even completing the programme. Here’s the thing, with further investment, we know we can do even better for our students and graduates. 

What we offer our students

We are committed to providing our students and partners with the very best curriculum, technology and career support that no other provider can offer. Here’s a snapshot of what you can now expect in a Code Institute programme. 

Committed to finding you a job

We know the job hunt is the most challenging part of a career changer’s journey. That is why we have created a Career Accelerator Programme, to give you a competitive advantage when securing a job. After this programme, you will be excited to tackle any interview and even negotiate more money on your own. Our program is broken down into three sections and is designed to move you from ‘the unclear and the uncertain’ to landing a tech role you’ll love. Here’s how.

  • Career Coaching for your tech career:
    With over 100+ hours of career coaching and lifelong access to a personalised Career Professional – we are with you for your tech career. 
  • Careers Community
    Our team of recruitment experts leads us. You will gain access to our global careers campus, where alumni, fellow learners, career mentors and recruiters meet weekly. In addition, you will gain collaborative experience through our Hack-a-thon and craft your agile and scrum work practices just like a natural work-life environment. 
  • Access to the UK and Europe’s exclusive tech circles. 
    You don’t have to start over when you change your career! Learn how to identify your existing transferable skills and apply them to some of the top-earning roles in Tech. Join exclusive, weekly live recruitment events with our hiring partners, and build your confidence before you are ready for the interview stage. 

The most in-demand skills

In 2021, Code Institute added three new areas to our full-stack programme to make our students even more attractive to our thousands of hiring partners. Our course now allows students to choose an area in which to specialise. Now, in your final project, students can choose one of the three following specialist skills paths that will accelerate their careers. 

  • e-Commerce
  • Predictive Analytics
  • React Js

Exclusive bundles

The cost of software tools can be prohibitive for most junior developers. So, Code Institute has partnered with 3rd party providers to give you access to over €50K of software tools so you can learn to develop like a pro.

This is not a price increase. It is a price change.

To ensure that we can offer an even better service to our students who are choosing to change careers to software development, we are increasing the price of our programme effective as of July 1, 2022. We are implementing this price change to offer more to our students. Code Institute will continue to offer even more advanced products, even better student support, and even closer access to our employer partners.

Until June 30 2022, our programme’s price will remain the same at €6,995. From July 1 2022, our price will increase to €7,795. As always, funding options will continue to be available to eligible candidates. Contact our education advisors to find out more.

What should I do now? 

If you already know that you want to change careers to software development, we are giving advanced notice of our price increase to allow you to apply early to the programme before the price change occurs. If you have any questions about finance or want to inquire about signing up for the programme, schedule a call with one of our Education Advisors through the form below.

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