What is Front End Development?

Front End Development (also referred to as Client Side Development) often refers to the visual aspects of software coding. It is the layer of software programming that  makes a site or application “look and feel” good.  If front end development was the garden of your house, it would refer to making your garden pretty and enticing for people to vent in through your garden to visit what lies beyond.

What is front end development?

On the web, websites and apps are built by front-end developers to present the data in a usable manner.  This area of coding is a pivotal role that requires design acumen, aesthetic sensitivity. It also requires the rigour and preciseness that needs to applied to every aspect of coding.

Front end developers often build products in conjunction with Back-End Coders.  Back-end coding refers to the operations that are vitally important to the working of the product but are often hidden from view.
For example, when you sign up for a new app that you have downloaded, the front end developer will ensure that the login appears easy to use and simple to navigate.  the back end coder will make sire that when you push the button that the correct things happen in the background to ensure that you get signed up!

The goal, therefore, of a front end developer is to create clear, concise, easy to use screens, pages and interfaces that guide users through the myriad of information that then might have to input or extract.
Front end development is not just a pretty garden at the front of your house. It’s also the intuitive, fresh-looking and modern interface of web development.

Want to sample some front end development? Try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge now and see if you can learn some front and back end techniques.

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