Game Developer Salaries: How much could I earn?


The video game industry is quickly growing and highly competitive, with millions of people playing and enjoying games regularly worldwide. As the demand for new and inventive games increases, so does the need for competent game creators. If you want to pursue a career in game creation, you should be aware of the potential game developer salaries. 

This article will present an overview of the average game developer salaries. It includes aspects such as experience, geography, and firm type that can affect your earnings. In addition, this article will provide the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your future in game development, whether you’re just starting or trying to advance in your profession.

How much does a game developer make?

The average game developer’s salary varies in Europe based on geography, years of experience, and specialised skill set. 

A game developer in Europe is expected to make between €40,000 and €70,000 per year, with senior game developers making at least €100,000. 

As a UK-based game developer, you’ve got a few options to bump up your salary. First, brush up on your skills and keep learning new stuff to stay ahead of the game. Staying current with the latest tech and trends in the industry will make you more valuable to potential employers. Then, showcase your skills and accomplishments with a solid portfolio highlighting your best work and expertise.

You can gain a competitive edge in the game development market via networking. Attend industry events, join professional groups, and form connections with other members of the game development community.

The video game business is continually expanding and growing. As technology progresses, the demand for experienced game developers will likely rise, perhaps leading to higher compensation.

Average game developer salary 

A game developer’s average income can vary depending on numerous aspects such as region, experience, and firm type. 

According to, the average salary for a game developer is roughly £52,500 per year in the UK. Reported salaries range between £41,250 (entry-level) to £70,000.

It’s important to remember that the video game industry is fast-paced and competitive, and game creators with more expertise and specialised skills can earn substantially more. 

Game developer salary London

The average salary for a game developer in London, United Kingdom, varies depending on numerous aspects, including experience, firm type, and specific functions within the game development sector.

According to Adzuna, the typical annual advertised compensation for a game developer in London is around £42,915. At the same time, the average salary across all experience levels is said to be circa £58,785. 

It’s also worth noting that the cost of living in London is somewhat high compared to other regions of the UK, so keep this in mind when weighing potential incomes. 

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Indie game developers

An indie game developer’s salary might vary substantially depending on various criteria, such as experience, location, company size, and project success. 

Additionally, some independent game developers may choose to work on a contract or freelance basis, which might provide greater flexibility but may also impact their financial security. 

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A game developer’s salary might vary significantly depending on their expertise, location, and the size and kind of company they work for. However, it should be noted that as a game developer, scaling up your skills might result in substantial pay raises, possibly in the range of 10–20% or more. 

If you focus on developing skills in areas like VR, AI, or mobile games, which are super popular right now, you’ll likely see a more significant bump in your salary. The earning potential for a game developer is substantial. With the growing demand for video games, the industry is expected to continue to be a lucrative field for skilled professionals.

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