How Much Do Full Stack Developers Make?


How Much Do Full Stack Developers Make?

Technology is always changing. It’s ever-evolving and advancing, and one clear thing is that it is essential to every industry. As a result, the demand for full-stack software developers is always growing, which means better wages for those people with the right skills. Earning a solid living is always excellent, but how much do full-stack web developers earn? While there are numerous reasons why someone would change occupations, money is frequently one of them. Today, we’ll look at full-stack developer average salaries.

What Is the Job Market Like for Full Stack Developers?

Between 2020 and 2025, the World Economic Forum reckons 85 million jobs will be displaced because of technology. Sounds scary, right? The good news is that this displacement will be replaced by circa 97 million more technology-focused roles. 

The ability to build and maintain a system from front end to back end is highly valued. So despite many of the larger tech firms shedding some staff, the search for full-stack software developers is still very active. Why? Simply because full-stack developers are needed in every industry and every business, from large multinational firms to the smallest of SMEs. It is reasonable to say that the job market will continue to look for full-stack developers.

What Is the Role of a Full Stack Developer?

A developer proficient in front-end and back-end development is known as a full-stack developer. This is because they create, establish, and maintain fully developed platforms with servers or databases. 

The average full-stack developer salary might vary considerably depending on expertise and region, as it does for most tech-related occupations. However, in the country’s largest metropolitan centres, the starting wage for people just joining the sector is incredibly high. 

Full Stack Developer Salaries in Austria

According to recruitment firm Honeypot, the average salary for a full stack developer in Austria is circa €54k (based on 2021). Salary Expert, on the other hand, reckons that an average salary would be closer to €72k. They also reckon that the average salary for a junior full-stack developer with between 1 and 3 years of experience is above €50k. 

Full Stack Developer Salary Ireland

According to, the average full-stack developer salary in Ireland, regardless of experience, is €67,250. Indeed’s average salary estimate is very close to that figure, stating that €68,324 is the average full stack developer salary in Ireland. 

To give an idea as to how salaries appear in different areas of Ireland, Indeed highlights salaries for Limerick, Dublin, Galway and Cork as follows:


Junior Full Stack Developer Salary Ireland 

According to Morgan McKinley‘s salary estimator, a full-stack software developer in Dublin with 0–3 years of experience can expect to make between €45,000 and €55,000 per year. 

However, it goes without saying that experience increases pay, and it is estimated that those with three to five years of experience might make between €55,000 and €70,000. 

Morgan McKinley also gives their average salaries estimates of between €30k and €45k for developers with between 0 and 3 years of experience in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

Average Salary of Full-Stack Developers in the UK

According to, the average full-stack developer salary in the UK, regardless of experience, is £50k. Indeed’s average salary estimate is very close to that figure, indicating that £56,929 is the average full stack developer salary in the UK. 


However, salaries vary widely based on location. For example, Indeed highlights average salaries for the following areas, and they do differ from area to area.  



In Wales, Indeed reckons that the average full-stack developer salary is £46294, based on developers of all experiences. As with most other countries, the average salary varies from area to area. Below are some other areas that Indeed report on. 

NewportPontypriddCardiffSt. AsaphSwansea


Indeed indicates that the average full-stack software developer salary in Scotland is £52,921. Following is how the average salaries look from area to area.


Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the average salary for full-stack developers is £53,903. It is thought that Belfast-based developers earn, on average, £53,694, Newry developers earn circa £51,284, while Armagh-based developers earn circa £50k. 

Full Stack Developer Salary in Germany

In Germany, the average full-stack developer salary is circa €60k, according to German Tech Jobs. According to the same source, most full-stack salaries are between €47,500 and €75,000.  It goes without saying that developers with higher experience will earn more money with a salary increase every year. It is thought that just 10% earn less than €47,500.

Below are average salaries in various cities according to German Tech Jobs. 


Full Stack Developer Salary in the Netherlands

A full-stack developer in the Netherlands makes an average base income of €78,323, according to Salary Expert. However, it should be remembered that a variety of criteria, including experience, talents, location, and company, determine salary. In Amsterdam, Glassdoor reckons that the average salary for a full-stack developer is €71,172.

Junior Full Stack Developer Salary in the Netherlands

According to OfferZen, the average salary for a junior full-stack developer in the Netherlands is €36,203. However, Salary Expert reckons that a developer with between 1 and 3 years of experience earns, on average, €54,708. 

Full-Stack Developer Salary in Sweden

It can be difficult to find salary information for full-stack developers in Sweden. Often, they are not spoken about. However, we have found a couple of sources. According to the Economic Research Institute, the average full-stack developer salary is SEK 657,447, with an average salary range of between SEK 451,666 and SEK 802,743. According to, the average salary for a full-stack developer is over SEK 700,000. 


Average salaries will differ from source to source. However, one common thread is that full stack developers do demand excellent salaries from junior levels right through to senior developers. In fact, the same can be said for software developers in general. The reason for such generous pay can be put down to the still-growing skills gap around the world, but it’s also down to the fact that good Python developers can produce amazing results for the companies in which they work. 

If you are contemplating learning full stack software development, find out how we can teach you on our programme. If you don’t know what a full stack developer is, then follow this link to learn more. 

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