How to Become a Python Developer


How to Become a Python Developer

The first requirement for any career in the IT sector is expertise in any coding language, preferably Python. If you’re an aspiring programmer, you’re probably aware of Python’s prominence in the employment market. A programmer who is adept in Python has a plethora of options. Python’s applicability ranges from web development to artificial intelligence.

Is there a profession that is completely dedicated to Python enthusiasts? There is, indeed. Let’s look at what a Python developer does and how you may become one.

What is a Python Developer?

If you have searched Python on Google, you’d probably see results claiming that it’s a beginner-friendly language and one of the most popular programming languages for getting a job in the IT business. Python’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and various technological and non-technological sectors use it. 

A Python developer uses Python to create, debug, and implement applications, usually on the server-side.

Python is a powerful programming language that is used in a variety of fields. Such as:

  • Data science
  • Scientific and mathematical computing
  • Web design and development
  • Finance and trading
  • System automation and administration
  • Computer graphics
  • Game development
  • Security and penetration testing
  • General and application-specific scripting

Each of the fields above has a group of Python developers to handle Python-related applications. 

The significance of a Python developer cannot be overstated. A Python developer is tasked with designing the framework of a code, creating the necessary tools for the project, creating captivating websites, and coming up with fresh ideas.

Python developers are also essential in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create innovative apps. In addition, machine-learning technologies, along with Python, is used to develop useful applications in industries such as education, healthcare, and finance.  

Top companies such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram use Python. Therefore, the position of Python developer is one of the most sought-after and competitive in the employment market.

Python Developer Qualifications

Historically, the main qualification to have if you wanted to be a Python developer, or indeed a software developer in general, was through a computer science programme. Thankfully, this is no longer the case and employers are now happy to turn to expertise learned from other sources. Like, for instance, Code Institute’s university credit-rated Full-Stack Software Development programme

If your dream is to become a programmer, knowledge of a specific programming language is necessary. That’s the same case if you are aiming for the role of Python developer. But, having a thorough knowledge only in Python is not enough.

Recruiters look for skilled individuals who can code in any language; since learning all programming languages is impossible, you must have expertise in at least two languages aside from Python for recruiters to get impressed by your resume.

Let’s look at other qualifications a company looks for in an individual for the role of Python developer:


Because it’s one of the most popular programming languages of this era and its beginner-friendly concepts, the demand for Python developers is increasing. So it is essential to learn every knick and knack of Python to be considered an exceptional developer.

Knowledge of Python Frameworks

Python frameworks are packages or modules that aid programmers in building applications more quickly and efficiently. Knowing these advantageous concepts is a must for an aspiring Python developer.

Version Control

Version control tracks and monitors changes to software code. If you wish to use version control, you’ll need to learn about Github and concepts like pull, fork, pull, and commit.

Adept in ORM libraries

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is an easier and more efficient way to query and manipulate data in the database than writing in SQL. It is one of those skills that highlight your resume. Some of the ORMs are SQLAlchemy and Django ORM.

Knowledge of Front-end technologies

Basic knowledge of front-end languages such as HTML5, CSS, and Javascript is also one of the remarkable qualifications a Python developer should possess.

Security Knowledge

It is essential to have distinctive expertise for your application to stand out among thousands of others. A rudimentary understanding of network security will improve your chances of being hired as a Python developer.

Problem-solving Skills 

There is never a moment when you can compile and run error-free codes for coding. No matter how correct the code is, errors occasionally occur. Hence, it is essential for the developer not to panic and be shrewd enough to quickly find and solve the issue.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial skill in the IT industry. A professional Python developer must be charismatic and communicate with their colleagues exceptionally well.

Key Benefits of Being a Python Developer 

The benefits of learning Python are endless. Owing to its versatility, various sectors use Python. Let’s take a look at the benefits of being a Python developer:

A Job Quickly With a Generous Pay

Python programming is one of the highest-paying careers in the world. As a result, these developers receive generous salaries, which explains the role’s prominence.  

Easy to Comprehend 

Python is easy to master. Its syntax and semantics are simpler to learn and understand when compared to more intricate languages such as Java and C++. Python programmes are also simple to debug.

Used in Many Fields

Developers implement Python in various applications, including web development, machine learning, game development, security and penetration testing, and much more. Python is a programming language that any business can use. However, unlike other programming languages, they can only operate in specific areas. So pick a field and start showcasing your talents.

Create Innovative Ideas 

Due to its versatility, developers can use Python to develop any software. It’s enough to have a glimmer of an idea; write down the criteria and begin writing Python code. 

Don’t underestimate Python; some of today’s most successful apps, such as Facebook and Instagram, were built entirely in Python. Python gives credence to ideas that transform the world.

Experience basic code for free

If you’re thinking of becoming a Python developer, then it’s worth starting off with some of the basics of code. Code Institute’s free 5 Day Coding Challenge will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After one hour a day over five days, you will have built your first web page. Register now through the form below. 

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