Meet Our Support Teams


Meet Our Support TeamsSupport Teams

Our support teams are the backbone of Code Institute. We aim to bring complete beginners to world-class junior software developers through our accelerated programme. Apart from having the best Learning Management System, and a university credit-rated curriculum, we must have appropriate support pillars in place to bring our students on their journey.

The Support Teams

To do this, we have five major pillars of support. These are:

  • Student Care
  • Tutors
  • Mentors
  • Community Support
  • Career Support

So what does each pillar of support do? Well, we’ve asked them. Below is how each team leader describes their team’s function for students on our programme. 

Student Care

Student Care is usually the first point of contact for a student when they start the Code Institute programme. They will help get you on the right track when it comes to scheduling and all non-tech-related queries on the programme. Here’s what James Stone says about Student Care. 

Tutor Support

Code Institute’s Tutor Support is second to none. They are available to help seven days a week. Your tutor will provide technical support for more immediate short-term questions you have, such as:

  • Why is my code not working?
  • How do I debug?
  • How can I install MySQL?
  • I’m getting this error when I push my code to GitHub, what
    does it mean?

The tutor will offer support on any questions relating to lessons or challenges on our Learning Platform. All more general project advice will be provided by your mentor. Here’s what our Tutor Lead, Kevin Loughrey, say about tutor support.

Mentor Support

As part of our Full Stack Software Development programme, students work on five portfolio projects. This is done with assistance from individual mentors. James Stone tells us how this works. 

Community Support

We see community as a vital part of the Code Institute experience. Everybody is going towards the same goal, and this fosters a magnificent community.

Career Support

Many of our students are switching to software development because they are in search of a new career. Our careers function is there to assists you on that journey. Meet Jane Gormley. 

Why Code Institute?

For the third year running, SwitchUp has named Code Institute among the best online coding bootcamps in the world. SwitchUp is the most trusted tech bootcamp review site in the world, and they rank coding bootcamps based on feedback from over 20,000 verified student reviews. A significant part of the reason for this is the amazing support structures that are available to our students.

To find out more about our support teams, join us at our next event or download a brochure. If you’re new to coding, and if you’ve never tried it before, then try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. Here you’ll learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It will also give you an insight into how our Learning Management System works. Importantly, you might even find out if a career in software development is for you.

Register now through the link below.

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