Which Programming Language Is Best For You?

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Programming is everywhere today – it’s one of the top career choices for budding IT aficionados. As with anything else, there are lots of choices when it comes to choosing what is the best avenue for you. It’s even something that Barack Obama is asking of his countrymen, to learn coding. Which programming language is best for you?
There are several options to choose from, so it can be an overwhelming decision. It’s important to do all of the research you can to decide which programming language is the best for you, particularly when you are spoilt for choice.

If you have absolutely no experience in coding, start out with something simple like HTML and CSS. These are both among the most commonly used coding languages and you can teach yourself the basics at home before moving on to a coding bootcamp or programming course.

Moving on from the basics
When you have the grips of the basics, you’ll be in a position to take on more in your learning and the more intricate programming languages will make more sense to you. JavaScript is a great tool for making websites and apps look the part, so it would be a great skill to immerse yourself in and be able to utilise in your career.

Java is the optimum programming language for the creation of Android apps. Building apps is one of the most sought after jobs in the IT industry but bear in mind you’ll need to make a decision whether you want to go down the Android or iOS route. For iOS apps, you will need a Mac (whereas most other programming just requires a Windows machine). iOS apps are built with Objective-C as opposed to Java.

ReadWrite compiled a list of the most desirable skills that prospective employers sought in 2013 and, lo and behold, technical skills made up quite a bit of the list. Basically, when you are thinking about which programming language is best for you, you need to think basics in the beginning; but switch your focus then to long term goals in your career. If you want to be a web developer, look to JavaScript; an app developer, decided whether it’s iOS or Android you want to pursue, etc.

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