Python Developer Salaries


Python Developer Salaries

Over the last ten years, Python has been proven to be one of the world’s most in-demand languages for business. It’s a powerful language that can get the job done in a faster timeframe than most. So, if you’ve been considering retraining to software development, you may want to know more about Python developer salaries. Below, we highlight the types of salaries that developers with Python skills can expect from junior to senior levels. For the purposes of this post, we look at salaries from European countries, including Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and the UK. However, Python developer salaries are generally high globally. 

Python Developer salaries in Europe

While major cities often appear to have the highest salaries, the great thing about software development is that their salaries are still very high nationwide. Since the pandemic, work has changed, and with more hybrid working than ever before, it’s easier to work for a company in a big city while not actually living in that city. Often, that means that you can chase those higher salaries. We have looked through numerous salary guides spread through different regions in Europe and the UK, and below are the results we’ve found. 

Python Developer Salaries in Austria

According to We Are Developers, the average Python developer salary in Austria ranges between €65 and €70k. The Economic Research Institute offers a similar average, indicating that the average salary for a Python developer being at €73,402. 

Salary Expert reckons that the average junior Python developer’s salary is €54,973, based on 1 to 3 years of experience. 


In Germany, German Tech Jobs estimates the average salary for a Python developer is €62.500k, with most salaries ranging between €45k and €80k. According to their information, just 25% earn less than €55k, 25% of Python developers earn more than €72.500. Their research shows the average salary range as being between €50,427 and €89,624.

The same source reckons that the average Python developer salaries are as follows in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.


Average Junior Python developer salary in Germany 

According to OfferZen, the average junior Python developer salary throughout Germany (including areas not mentioned above) is circa €37.004 per annum. They reckon that a junior’s salary rises quickly after two years of service. 


According to Indeed, the average Python developer’s salary across the country is over €82,000. Indeed sees the highest-paying cities for Python developers as being Galway, Dublin and Cork. 

In Galway, Indeed reckons that the average developer salary is €91,569. While in Dublin, they reckon €83,479 is the average salary. Galway may seem more generous. However, the number of reported salaries in the Dublin region is far higher than those reported from Galway. Indeed reports that the average Python developer salary is €52,673 (based on a lower sample of salaries). 

Junior Python Developer Salaries across Ireland

Morgan McKinley estimates that developers with between 0 and 3 years of experience can earn the following in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

€30k to €40k€30k-€35k€30k-€35k€30k-€35k€40k-€50k

The UK

In England, according to Indeed, the average Python developer’s salary across that country is over £74,000. That figure is based on 3.5 thousand salaries with people operating at different levels. Indeed sees the highest paying cities for Python developers as being London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Cambridge, Brighton, and Birmingham. 

In Wales, Adzuna reckons that the average developer salary is £62,571. They also reckon that the average Python developer salary is “89.4% more than the average salary across Wales.”

In Scotland, Adzuna reckons the average salary for a Python developer is as much as £81,518, which is “146.6% more than the average salary across Scotland.”

For Northern Ireland, Adzuna reckons that Python developers are paid on average “42.1% more than the average salary across Northern Ireland” at £49,000.  

Junior Python Developer Salaries across the UK

  • England

Indeed reckons that the average junior python developer earns, on average, £40,636, with London, Oxford, Southampton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham being the best-paying areas. 

  • Wales

For Welsh Python developers, Indeed indicates that the average junior salary is lower, at £30,798, with Cardiff being one of the better-paid areas in which to work. 

  • Scotland 

Scotland appears to be a very high-paying area for junior developers, with a reported average of £40,555. Glasgow would appear to be the best-paying area for juniors. 

  • Northern Ireland

For Northern Ireland, at the time of writing, only one junior python developer’s salary was reported at £34,820. 

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, OfferZen shows us that the average salary for a senior Python developer is €62,206. However, they indicate that after ten years of experience, the average goes up to €71,290. They reckon that the average junior Python developer earns €43,942 (based on two years of experience). However, recruitment firm reports that backend developers earn, on average, €44,200 (based on 0-2 years of experience).

The Economic Research Institute reckons that the average Python developer salaries are as follows in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.



While it can be difficult to find salary guides in Sweden, we have managed to find some source. So, to begin, the Economic Research Institute reckons the average Python developer salary (across all experience levels) in Sweden is SEK 662,331. The average salary range in Sweden is between SEK 455,065 and SEK 808,784. 

Average Junior Python developer salary in Sweden

According to Salary Expert, the average salary for a junior Python developer is SEK 462,073 (based on 1-3 years of experience). 

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Average salaries will differ from source to source. However, one common thread is that Python developers do demand excellent salaries from junior levels right through to senior developers. In fact, the same can be said for software developers in general. The reason for such generous pay can be put down to the still-growing skills gap around the world, but it’s also down to the fact that good Python developers can produce amazing results for the companies in which they work. 

If you are contemplating learning Python, find out how we can teach you on our Full Stack Software Development programme. If you don’t know what Python is, then follow this link to learn more. Or if you wish to know about how to become a Python developer, this blog should help. 

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