Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code

Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code

If you want a career in web development, you have to learn to code. But even if you don’t have any plans in becoming a web developer, there are plenty of other reasons why you would benefit from learning a programming language.

It’s exercise for the brain

It’s easy for your thinking to get in a sort of rut. Humans are creatures of habit – we tend to repeat behaviors and stick with what we know and feel comfortable with.
Coding is like exercise for the brain. It gets you out of your comfort zone. It teaches you a new language, how to think logically, and how to solve problems. By taking larger, complex issues and breaking them down into smaller pieces that can be simplified and solved, programming is essentially a workout for your brain – sharpening your creativity and critical thinking.
According to research, new neural connections in our brain are formed when we learn a new programming skill such as Python, Ruby, or PHP. The existing neural connections are also strengthened –  keeping our brain sharp and young.
Bottom line – learning to code is an exercise plan your brain will love.

It teaches other skills

Learning to code teaches critical thinking – which leads to the ability to approach problems unrelated to programming from a different angle. You begin to notice details you might have missed before and tackle issues in a systematic way to find a solution. You’ll also learn how to ask a good question and how to collaborate with others because web development is often accomplished in teams.
Learning to code gives you practical skills that will be helpful in many situations, not just in programming a computer.

You can do it from almost anywhere

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can use your coding skills. And if your job is in web development, you can do it anywhere you have a computer and internet. Working remotely gives you more flexibility and opens up options in your career. You can work for a company or for yourself as a freelancer – without having to be in the same geographical location as your employer.

Coding is fun

Coding is about making things – all kinds of things. From websites, simple games and toys, to complex programs that help operate cars, planes, and machinery. Creating something that is creative and useful, solves a common problem, or is just plain cool is rewarding.
Got a great idea? If you know code, you can make a working prototype that you can show, increasing the chance that your idea will turn into something concrete and real.
When you can turn your imagination into a creation, you are using the potential of code. And who wouldn’t find that fun?


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