From Receptionist to Full Stack Developer


From Receptionist to Full Stack Developer

Meet Jessica, a dynamic and enthusiastic 32-year-old from the east coast of Sweden, currently thriving in the vibrant city of Malmö. She has not only transformed her career but also discovered a newfound passion for coding, all while maintaining an active lifestyle involving cycling and running.

Embracing Change: Degree in Health Therapy to Full Stack Developer

Jessica’s journey into the tech world wasn’t a conventional one. With a degree in health therapy and years of experience as a receptionist at a dentist’s office, she felt a need for change. The catalyst came when her workplace switched software programs, leading her to interact with developers and sparking an unexpected interest.

Despite initial reservations about her ability to excel in a tech role, Jessica took the plunge. Her partner’s encouragement, combined with the discovery of the Code Institute’s 5 Day Coding Challenge, fueled her newfound passion for coding. Jessica reminisces about the moment she knew she was on the right path, saying, “I was learning new things, and I really enjoyed doing it! I felt like this was something I could do and actually wanted to do.”

Navigating the Learning Curve

Enrolling in Code Institute’s course, Jessica embarked on a 10-month journey of self-discovery. Juggling part-time work and intense coding sessions, she faced challenges, particularly with design structure and project implementation. Despite occasional struggles, Jessica found immense joy in overcoming obstacles, stating, “The highs when you got something working, when a bug was solved or when you started to connect the dots of programming. It was a very intense and steep learning curve…”

A Tech Career Unfolds: Challenges and Triumphs

Reflecting on her journey, one of her regrets would be not selecting Code Institute’s Advanced Front-End with React as her major. “I chose the e-commerce specialisation, but I would’ve had a bigger advantage if I had chosen the Advanced Front-End specialisation with React. From my own job search, React appeared to be in higher demand than Django”.

Graduating in March, Jessica faced some challenges in her job search and returned to her previous full-time work, “which made the job hunt a lot slower”. However, she persisted and secured a full-stack role with e.on Sweden in October. “I landed a full stack role in a team with a manager who is super supportive! I get to learn on the job, all my team members are super helpful, and I get to deep dive into more tech stacks and learn as I go.”

Work-Life Harmony: A Perfect Blend

Jessica’s life now is a testament to her perseverance and adaptability. Working as a full-stack developer, she values the support from her team and manager. Grateful for the work-life balance, she expresses joy in working from home, saying, “I have an amazing work/life balance, and I’m able to work from home, which does so much for my well-being, not having to rush into an office.”

Currently rebuilding a project in React, a technology she hadn’t explored before, Jessica embraces the challenge, “The fact that I can learn as I go is so exciting and makes me super happy.”

AI in the Developer’s Toolbox: A Positive Outlook

Asked about the future and the rise of AI, Jessica acknowledges its role as a helpful tool. “AI has really been something I’ve learnt to use as a tool in work… We as developers will never be replaced completely by AI – so I feel like it’s a good time to get comfortable asking GPT for suggestions and recommendations.”

Jessica emphasises the importance of treating AI as a tool rather than a threat. She finds value in AI’s ability to simplify complex code and provide insights, urging caution, “…you really need to take a step back and not trust it blindly with solutions.”

CSN Funding

Jessica expresses wholehearted recommendation for the course, emphasising its flexibility and the advantage of utilising CSN funding in Sweden. 

“I would absolutely recommend the course for anyone who wants to study at their own pace, not be locked into uni for X amount of years, but still have the benefit of CSN in Sweden.”

Her positive endorsement stems from the ability to study at her own pace without the constraints of traditional university timelines. The course’s compatibility with CSN funding allowed Jessica to embark on her learning journey without being locked into a lengthy commitment, offering a unique blend of independence and financial support. Learning from the comfort of her home, Jessica acknowledges the necessity of high motivation and self-discipline for the demanding schedule of extensive learning. She emphasises the importance of being open-minded and actively seeking information outside of the course due to the absence of a traditional classroom setting. For Jessica, this approach perfectly aligned with her learning style, making the course an ideal fit for her educational and career transition needs.

“It was a very good way for me to learn as I could do it at my own pace at home, but it does require you to be highly motivated for long days of learning, and since you don’t have a teacher, you have to be open-minded into putting a lot of effort into searching for information outside of the course, which is something that fit me perfectly!”

A Journey of Growth and Enthusiasm

Jessica’s story is one of resilience, adaptability, and unbridled enthusiasm. From a health therapist and receptionist to a full-stack developer, she has conquered challenges with a positive mindset. Her advice to aspiring developers resonates with her own journey, encouraging continuous learning and flexibility in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

As Jessica continues her coding adventures, both in her professional life and during her cycling and running pursuits, her story stands as a beacon for those seeking fulfilment and success in unexpected places.

5 Day Coding Challenge

Earlier in this article, Jessica talks about how she did the free 5 Day Coding Challenge and how she “felt like this was something I could do and actually wanted to do.” If you haven’t done it yet, the coding challenge will teach you to build your first webpage. Register today through the form below. 

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