Shubham’s Journey: From Seas to Software Development


Shubham’s Journey: From Seas to Software Development

Shubham’s story stands out as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of learning to code. Hailing from India, Shubham found himself embarking on a whole new adventure last October, one that led him from the sunny shores of scuba diving instruction to the dynamic realm of software development in Germany.

A Diver’s Odyssey to Coding Mastery

Shubham, with a background as an officer in the Indian Navy, spent five years serving his country before taking the plunge into a scuba diving career. His journey took him to various exotic locations, from the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka to the underwater wonders of the Maldives. However, the unpredictable German weather made him reconsider his career path.

Leaving behind the ocean’s depths, Shubham set his sights on a new challenge – coding. “I always had an interest in coding. Being from a military background, I’ve seen how technology evolves, and everything is done by coding,” he shares. He wanted a quicker career change and stumbled upon the Code Institute and took their 5 Day Coding Challenge. The experience was nothing short of a revelation: “I couldn’t believe myself that I could make a website within five days,” he recalls.

Breaking Barriers with Code Institute

The decision to enrol in the Code Institute’s coding course was a pivotal one for Shubham. Facing challenges with the recognition of his previous degrees in Germany, he found solace and support in the institute’s community.

“I decided to make a significant career change after leaving the military. Unfortunately, none of my previous degrees were recognised in Germany, creating a challenge. I considered a three-year Ausbildung program but found it too time-consuming. While exploring options on YouTube, I discovered the Code Institute and took their 5 Day Coding Challenge. Successfully creating a website within that timeframe convinced me it was the right path for me.”

As Shubham steered towards the Code Institute, he encountered a fascinating opportunity unique to Germany – the Bildungsgutschein or education voucher. This voucher granted him access to the world of coding education.

“I contacted a representative from the Code Institute, and he told me that if you are in Germany, there is a possibility of getting a Bildungsgutschein. I followed his steps, and I just wrote to the job centre and the agentur fur arbeit, they interviewed me, and after the first interview, they sanctioned the Bildungsgutchein. So, I was very lucky with that. I think, after just three weeks, I got the Bildungsgutschein already, and I started my course in four weeks.”

The Course

“The course was data-intensive, no doubt about it. But if you think that you can do it, anybody can do it,” he affirms.

Shubham completed the course in an impressive four and a half months, learning not only programming languages but also gaining fundamental knowledge that would shape his future. “I got lucky with this course because I learned more than five or six programming languages, plus also the basic knowledge of coding, which helped me a lot in getting my new present job.”

Python, Predictive Analytics, and the AI-Driven Future

Shubham’s enthusiasm for coding extends beyond the immediate career benefits. As he steps into the role of a full-stack developer at Scuba School International, a prominent scuba diving company, he sees the broader implications of his newfound skills. “Everyone should use A.I. nowadays because it is for us; it is for the new generation to use it and build everything better and more advantageous for all customers,” he passionately states.

Expressing his belief in the foundational importance of coding even in an AI-driven era, Shubham notes, “When I started this course, so many people asked me, ‘Why are you doing it now? Because AI is coming, you have ChatGPT, and everything is perfect. You don’t need coders.’ But to be truthful, if there are no coders, there’s no ChatGPT. The basic for each and every job is what is being taught in the Code Institute, which is amazing.” 

With an eye on the future, he emphasises the role of Python in shaping the technological landscape. “Python is the main language in the industry right now. And predictive analytics – it’s the future. If you know how to predict things, you’re always one step ahead.”

Landing that first role as a developer

Shubham’s journey from the Code Institute to landing a role as a full-stack developer at Scuba School International was nothing short of remarkable. It took him just three weeks after the completion of the course to get a role as a full-stack developer. In fact, Shubham landed his role before he had even received his Diploma.

“I got lucky with that. I applied, and I just got in on the first call. It took me three weeks after completion of the course. Like I said before, I didn’t even get certificates.”

In a testament to both the quality of the Code Institute’s curriculum and Shubham’s newfound coding skills, he navigated the job market with agility. Shubham’s ability to transition seamlessly from a diverse background into the tech realm, finding his place at the intersection of scuba diving and coding, speaks volumes about his determination.

A Call to the Curious

Shubham’s journey from a scuba diving instructor to a software developer is a remarkable tale of determination, adaptability, and the pursuit of passion. His advice to those considering a similar path? “My advice to those taking the course is to be persistent and utilise the available support. The Code Institute community is incredibly helpful, and the mentorship provided is invaluable. The course not only equips you with technical skills but also prepares you for the job market.” 

As he navigates the exciting waters of software development, Shubham remains an ardent advocate for coding education. “I would definitely recommend this course to so many of my friends,” he states. His journey stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for those eager to embrace the world of coding, Python, and predictive analytics in an AI-driven future.

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