The growth of e-Commerce


The growth of e-Commerce

Over the last year or two, the world has seen massive growth in e-commerce. There can be no doubting that spending online was massive before 2020, but when governments told the world to lockdown, we saw incredible growth in online retailing. If you worked in retail and you’re business wasn’t ready for e-Commerce, then you pretty much had to shut your business until restrictions eased. This enormous growth in e-Commerce has created an immense skills gap for people with e-Commerce skills. 

Full Stack Development with Specializations

For years, Code Institute has been teaching its students the required skills for full-stack software development. However, with the demand growth for specific areas, we are now offering our students a chance to specialize in one of three subjects after learning full-stack development skills. 

We’ll cover these 3 topics in a series of blogs, focusing now on e-Commerce.

What is e-Commerce? 

Simply put, e-Commerce is the buying or selling of goods and services over the internet. With e-commerce, the entire transaction from purchasing a product to when it leaves the seller or the warehouse is online. e-Commerce means that all money is traded online, as is the collection of data around the transaction. 

E-Commerce Boom and Covid-19

While e-Commerce was always on an upward trajectory, the arrival of Covid-19 certainly bumped it higher. In May 2021, the United Nations reported that global e-Commerce jumped to an incredible $26.7 trillion – fueled by Covid-19. 

While Covid-19 may have given it a boost, companies also realised the benefits of advancing their online retailing solutions. They have learned that consumers can purchase anything from anywhere. For many businesses, this means they have a broader market in which to sell. 

No limits

Traditionally, many people bought electrical equipment, books, and the likes through e-Commerce sites. Similarly, e-Commerce is highly involved in purchasing subscription services like Netflix, Prime, Spotify and more. However, we have learned that items that we wouldn’t usually buy online are now shifting in recent years. For example, online car sales are now becoming normal – where a consumer does the entire process with both new and used vehicles through an e-Commerce website. 

Is there a demand for this skill?

Yes. There is a massive demand for software developers who possess e-Commerce skills. This is more true now than ever before. For example, in 2020, Amazon employed a further 500,000 employees. In the USA alone, $791 billion was spent online during Covid-19. In Europe, online sales saw a 26% increase compared to the previous year and amounted to a whopping €480 billion. 

Companies are now preparing for the future, and even after eradicating Covid-19, the expectation is that both companies and consumers will continue to adapt to online purchasing. For this reason, there is a massive demand for software developers who understand the technologies that can drive online sales forward. 

Choosing to specialize in e-Commerce

After learning full-stack development with Code Institute, students who choose to specialize in e-Commerce will learn how to build a fully functional live platform with a searchable catalogue, basket, and payment facilities. 

They will:

  • Build a product catalogue.
  • Search and filter functionality. 
  • A live, fully functional payment system using Stripe.
  • A full-featured Authentication system. 
  • Real-time notifications to guide the user experience.
  • Use Stripte Amazon Web Services, Heroku and more.

Learn more

If you’ve been contemplating a career change to software development, there is a huge demand for full stack developers who can bring this skill to the table. Learn more about applying to our Full Stack Software Development Programme with Specializations, by scheduling a call with one of our education advisors today. 

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