Now Is The Time To Become A Software Developer


Now Is The Time To Become A Software Developer

Looking for a career path yet overwhelmed by the numerous options? Well, we offer a solution for you: become a software developer. Software development is among the most popular fields in every sector, not only in terms of skills and compensation but also in demand.

70% of tech industry companies struggle to fill roles because of a skills shortage. The World Economic Forum tells us that over the next five years, 85 million jobs are at risk due to automation. The good news is that they also believe that automation and technology will result in 97 million new jobs in that time, and many of those will require software development skills.

Unlike in the past, as the pandemic looks to draw to a close, the employment market is picking up speed, which is why now is the right moment to become a software developer.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to pursue a career as a software developer this year:

  1. You don’t need a college degree
  2. You can work from home
  3. Software Development is for creative minds
  4. Huge demand for developers
  5. Attractive salaries

You Don’t Need A College Degree.

Once upon a time, a degree was the only way into software development. Thankfully, the world has changed, and many organisations are delighted to take students from online courses, bootcamps and more. Generally, when submitting your resume for the software development position at a reputable firm, the only parts of the resume that recruiters will consider are the portfolio and skills section.  

A diverse set of skills, such as good knowledge of certain programming languages, software and frameworks, and hands-on experience working with a project, is well enough to portray how skilled and qualified the job is. This gets you shortlisted and, finally, gets you hired as well.

These days, most companies are increasingly looking for a project-based experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, with freelancing becoming more popular, you can become your own boss and offer software development services from home. Again, you don’t need a formal degree to do so.

You Can Work From Home

The pandemic period saw many breakthroughs, one being advanced technology that allows people to work from home instead of needing to commute to the workplace.

Many people benefited from this work environment. Today, most organisations, such as Google, have embraced a hybrid work model in which workers can work from the office or home whenever they wish.

With the help of smart management software, you may work from anywhere and deliver projects on time because software development simply requires a laptop and consistent attention.

If 9-to-5 jobs aren’t for you, you can opt to work as a freelancer.

You can create anything you desire with software programming. You may develop anything you want, from a food delivery app to a chatbot that answers client inquiries without human intervention.

So make your website, showcase your expertise, and start getting clients immediately!

Software Development Is For Creative Minds

Software development is a field that relies on creativity and innovation. For example, no one could have predicted that humans would communicate without seeing each other a century ago or that they would be able to pay their bills in one click.

But here we are, having everything controlled in our hands, thanks to skilled software developers.

Through software development, you can build anything you want. For example, you can create a food delivery application or a chatbot which replies to customer questions without human intervention, it’s your choice!

With companies giving more freedom to developers, software development is the ideal career for those looking for a place to express their inherent talents.

The Demand For Software Development Will Never Fade

Software development will be in demand this year and for as long as the internet exists, which is to say forever.

Though some sources speculate that AI will eventually take over developer jobs, this is a farce. Although AI can create its own code, this does not imply that it can write it effectively; human assistance is still required.

And when AI improves at writing development code, developers will adapt to it. As a result, AI will not take your work; rather, it will assist in creating more jobs for you in the future.

Software Development Promises An Attractive Salary 

Software developers can earn amazing salaries. This link highlights some of the reported salaries around the globe. 

Imagine how much more experienced developers will earn. Astonishing, isn’t it? The numbers are expected to double in the coming years, and the rationale is simple. Every year, more apps and software are generated, and as the need for applications grows, so does the need for developers to create more optimal solutions. You will also be promoted to senior roles as your experience grows, resulting in higher salaries and perks!

The Bottom Line

Software development is a rewarding career path that will never go out of trend. With reputable organisations on the lookout for competent software engineers, developers may expect a high-paying career and a pleasant working environment. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply for developer positions right now!

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