Top Skills for Python Developers 


Top Skills for Python Developers 

Python refers to a programming language. This language is mainly used for performing or programming tasks. With the help of Python programming language, one can carry out web development, programming applications, game development and many other such tasks. A Python developer designs, codes, deploys and debugs development projects. In addition, one can perform other programming tasks such as data analytics, data visualisation, machine learning and AI. This article will go through the top skills for Python developers. 

What is a Python Developer? 

As mentioned above, a Python developer codes, designs, and deploys various development projects. Another function of a Python developer is to debug projects with Python language to ensure that they work or function efficiently. 

A Python developer works with teams that perform analytics and data collection to provide valuable insights and answers to places they are going wrong. They also work on projects ranging from AI and machine learning to application development. 

A company’s Python developer is expected to understand and know the language at an advanced level. Therefore, they should be able to perform any task using the Python programming language. However, Python’s functions will not be limited to analytics, web development, data collection, automation, design and scripting. 

Job Description of a Python Developer

Here is a Python developer’s job description if you plan to apply for this role.

A Python developer’s role is extensive. Mentioned below are the essential responsibilities a company expects. 

  • Implement security and data protection. 
  • Implement and integrate solutions related to data storage. 
  • Design and create database schemas that will represent and support the business processes. 
  • Code, design, and develop responsive and practical applications or websites. The designed and implemented applications must have low latency and high availability.
  • Understand the requirements of the end user.
  • Integrate user-facing elements, which front-end developers create with server-side logic. 
  • Create and implement integrative systems. 
  • Write testable, efficient and reusable Python codes. 

It must be noted that the roles and responsibilities can vary according to the organisation and industry you are working in.  

Levels of Python Developers

There are different levels of Python developers, and the job done at each level is different. 

Junior Python Developer

Junior Python developers are also called entry-level Python developers. The role of junior Python developers is to shadow and learn from senior developers. A junior Python developer will be asked to write unit tests or improve the existing code under the supervision of developers who can mentor them. 

Mid-Level Python Developer 

The role of a mid-level Python developer is to write and build components that can be used to integrate into existing or new systems. A mid-level Python developer is also asked to maintain the existing codes by providing fixes where it is required. 

Senior Level Python Developer 

The role of a senior-level Python developer is to design entire systems and architectures using suitable technologies for software solutions. A senior-level Python developer also mentors new developers. 

Why Learn Python?

Python is a programming language that is in demand at all times. Python is an excellent option if you plan to learn to code or switch careers through coding. Here are a few reasons why you must learn Python:

Python Is Versatile 

Python, as a programming language, can be used to perform complex and small tasks. It is also used across various industries. For example, it can be used in software engineering, data sciences, machine learning, AI, product development, and many more. 

Python can function and run with other languages. It can be implemented with other programming languages, such as Java or C. It even provides cross-platform functionality. This means that Python can function accurately on macOS, Linux and Windows. 

Due to its versatility, the popularity of Python as a primary language for applications is growing. 

Python Developer Roles Are High in Demand

Companies or firms are looking for Python developers. Since Python is versatile, it is used in many industries as a primary language. Due to this, companies are hiring Python developers. You do not need to be an experienced professional; even with entry-level knowledge of Python, you can get a job with a good salary

It Is a Fast Growing Language

Python is helpful in many ways and in many areas. It is a fast-growing language because industries have witnessed its usefulness in data science, machine learning and AI. Since then, companies and industries have been using Python. 

It Is Easy to Learn

If you are new to the programming world, you do not have to stress over learning Python as it is a beginner-friendly language. Moreover, this programming language is easy to understand, read, and write. Python uses an English syntax and has been designed to be accessible. It means it was built to be easy to read and concise. 

Another reason why it is easy to learn is that it is an interpreted programming language. When you learn Python, you can run each line of code once you finish writing it. You will also be able to see the results immediately. Instant feedback helps you make changes or adjustments instead of waiting for the entire program to be compiled and run.  

Python Has a Supportive Community

Everyone assumes programming to be a solo activity, but it is not. While learning Python, or once you know the programming language, you will have someone to turn to when you have doubts. Python has a great and supportive community. There are multiple online forums and online communities where you can ask your doubts or questions when there is an issue. 

In the forums, you can discuss almost everything with other users. In addition, Python users organise meetups to interact and gain more knowledge.

Work as an Independent Contractor

It is optional to work in a company once you learn Python. You can work as an independent contractor. However, Python developers are in need, and many large to small-scale companies are looking for developers. Therefore, many job opportunities come your way, even if you are an independent contractor.  

Top Skills for Python Developers

There are a few top skills that you must know to become a Python developer.

Here are the top skills:

  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Python Frameworks
  • Object Relational Mapper
  • Python Libraries
  • Knowledge of Front-End
  • Version Control
  • AI & Machine Learning

Good Knowledge of Python

You must have excellent knowledge of the Python programming language. It would help if you learned object-oriented programming, semantics, primitive data types, arithmetic operators and Python syntax. You should also have knowledge that goes beyond data science. 

Python Frameworks

Knowing all the critical Python frameworks is essential, and you must be confident. Having an idea of all the frameworks will help you through the projects. 

As a Python developer, you must know about Django, Flask, Web2py, CherryPy, Grok, and TurboGears. Knowing about these will help you immensely. 

Object Relational Mapper

Object Relational Mapper or ORM are a set of libraries. ORM helps in facilitating data transfer from relational databases to Python objects. This means that ORM converts data between incompatible types through object-oriented programming. 

ORMs create a virtual object database. This virtual object database can be used within the Python programming language. An ORM library helps save time and allows you to switch or move to another relational database. 

Using and connecting applications through ORM makes work easier and faster because you can write in Python code instead of SQL to create data schemas and update them.  

Python Libraries 

Python has massive libraries that you can access. Libraries make a Python developer’s work more accessible and more efficient. As a Python developer, you must know which library will help you the best. 

It is better to make a list of all the available libraries. Doing this will help you find what you need depending on the nature of the project you are working on. 

Have a Basic Idea of the Front End Technologies

As a Python developer, you will have to work with the front-end team to ensure that the server side matches the client side. That is why it is essential to know how front-end technologies work. Basic knowledge will let you know what will work, what will not be possible and how the app will appear. 

Have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This will also help you collaborate with the front-end team efficiently. 

Version Control

Version control is the process of tracking, controlling and managing changes that have been made to the software code. It means keeping track of every single change that has been made to the file. 

Version control systems are tools that will help you manage changes. Therefore, it is better to get familiar with it. 

AI and Machine Learning

The world is slowly moving towards AI and machine learning. It will be a massive benefit for you if you know what AI and machine learning are all about, as Python is an excellent programming language. 

Job Opportunities with Python

There are many job opportunities available once you specialise in Python. You can hold many job titles, from Python developer to machine learning engineer. As mentioned before, the job role will vary depending on the industry, but the primary role will be to create applications or work with data. Since times are changing, you will be working with AI as well. 

Here is a list of job opportunities:

  • Python Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Educator

Job opportunities will keep increasing as technology advances. However, irrespective of the situation, Python will still be a fast-growing and in-demand programming language. 

The salaries for the Python job opportunities will be higher and more than what you expect. Even if you are an independent contractor or a freelancer, you can expect good pay for the services you will be providing.  

Wrapping Up!

Python is a great language to learn and have expertise in. You can learn Python programming language at any time as it is easy to learn. Once you understand the language, you can execute it efficiently and work on projects. As mentioned before, you work in top companies or as a freelancer by learning Python. 

The market has many job opportunities; you must learn the language and have all the skills to land a job. As a Python developer, you will have a secure and flexible job. 

Experience Software Development

If you’re new to software development and want to learn some basic programming, register for our free 5 Day Coding Challenge through the form below. If you’ve already done the coding challenge, we do teach Python as part of our Full Stack Software Development Programme. Click here to find out more. If you want to learn more about how to use Python, check out this blog. Alternatively, if you’re already learning it, then this cheat sheet might help.

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