Code Institute Credit Rating with the University of West of Scotland


Code Institute prides itself on providing a university credit-rated full-stack software development programme. It’s a testament to the brilliant work that our team of professionals put into the programme. We didn’t want just to throw a course together and say, “here you go, here’s a course for training developers”. Instead, we wanted to create something that students and businesses could recognise as being reputable. But what does a university credit rating mean to our students and us?

Creating our Programme

When Code Institute was founded, our programme designers sat down and planned out what exactly it was that we would deliver to our students. Number one on the list was to train complete beginners to a world-class junior software developer level. In doing that, however, we aimed to ensure that the skills we were teaching were relevant to today’s workforce. With that in mind, we created our Industry Advisory Council. This council comprises reputable global and local companies who told us what was needed in the workforce regarding languages, skills and technologies. 

Great, so we knew what we needed to teach, but how do we find out that what we teach is academically sound? To ensure that our programme was the best available, we put our curriculum in front of a university and asked them to assess our programme.

What does university credit rating mean?

A university credit rating means that a university has examined our programme and has classed it on a qualifications framework. Our Diploma has been credit-rated by The University of the West of Scotland. As a result, they credit-rated our Diploma in Software Development, levelling it at level 8 on the Scottish Qualifications Framework (SCQF). This, in turn, equates to level 5 on the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Not only does our credit rating mean a lot to us, but it also means a lot to students participating in our programme. A nice bonus is that businesses also appreciate that our course holds a university credit rating. It indicates to them how high our standard of education and students are. 

It’s important to note that when you partake in and complete this programme, you are a student and graduate of Code Institute, not a student or graduate of the University of the West of Scotland. 

The benefits for students

Taking part in a university credit-rated programme is excellent for students. Straight away, it shows the quality of education that is being provided to them. It also highlights the high standard of the programme in which they participate. 

As part of our mantra, we keep our course as strategic as possible. We aim to teach our students to become developers within a maximum of 52 weeks. The programme can be completed faster, depending on the amount of time and effort spent. With that in mind, our students will have deadlines to meet and stay on track to complete the programme. This is normal for all reputable programmes, and it is also good for our students, who will, as a result, reach their goals faster. 

The benefits for businesses

Our credit rating is also beneficial for businesses. It is one of the reasons why we have built up so many great business partners over the years. When a business sees a graduate from Code Institute, they know they have a prospective employee with high standards. They know that their education was delivered in the best possible way and our credit rating helped build that reputation. 

What companies also appreciate is that our students can meet their deadlines. The discipline of meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time is essential for a career in software development.

Code Institute and its credit-rating

While our credit rating is based mainly on our curriculum and its delivery, we added extra meaning to it. We see it as a way to ensure that everything we provide is of the highest quality. 

For example, Code Institute’s support is unrivalled. Between Student Care, Tutor Support, Personal Mentors, Community Support and Career Services, what’s on offer is fantastic. However, it’s up to each student to use these supports. While our Student Care team will stay in frequent contact, our students must avail themselves of tutor and mentor supports when and as required. 

Want to learn more about our support structure? Meet the teams here

Try our Coding Challenge

If you want to see how we deliver our programme, then try our free 5 Day Coding Challenge. Here you get a glimpse into how we provide our programme. After one hour a day over five days, you’ll have learned the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You’ll also have built your first-ever web page. Register now through the form below. 

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