What Do Your First Five Years As A Dev Look Like? 


You have finally got your dream job as a developer. Now you are leaping around the house out of joy. Now that you have got your job, you will be in the process of getting ready to impress in your new workplace. However, before that, like anyone, you have some nerves to cool down about the job, the colleagues and the future of it and oh so many questions.

That explains why you are here, so let us give you a short fast forward of what the first five years as a dev look like.

Getting Adapted To The New Place

Everyone has these jitters when they arrive at a new place. These jitters can ruin a peaceful night’s sleep and make you overthink unreasonable scenarios. These nerves will subside after you arrive at work and are introduced to your coworkers.

You will have some difficulty getting along with your peers at first, but no matter how shy you are, you will gradually come out of your shell.

All it takes is a little bit of courage to ask questions to clear up your uncertainties, and you’ll be fine communicating, and your office will become your second favourite place after home.

You Get More Experience In Programming.

As they show you on TV, programming is not some developer simply typing lines of codes each passing minute and executing the code with no errors at all. It can sometimes be complicated, and you’re well aware of the realities of programming.

Every profession can be arduous, and sometimes you will become exhausted with it. This does not mean you have lost your passion; you simply need to take a break to re-energize.

Additionally, as you encounter issues and resolve them, you are honing your skills as a seasoned developer with problem-solving abilities. Within five years, the tables will be turned on you, and you will be the one teaching beginners how to fix their coding faults.

Learn New Every Day

Programming, unlike other fields, is a field that never stays the same. Every day, you will learn something new. New programming languages, tools, and upgrades appear out of nowhere in the newspapers, and the next day you must learn how to use them and use them in your line of work.

You’ll be up to date on the current trends and understand how each tool works and which is best for swiftly completing the task.

During your first five years, you’ll learn about a wide range of tools and software and gain hands-on experience with them, which means you’ll earn more brownie points on your CV.

Learn To Write Testable Code And How To Write Tests For Them

Writing testable code is one of the most crucial skills you’ll need as a software engineer. You will most likely not create clean code at first, but as you gain a better understanding of the value of understandable and neat code, you will find yourself creating clean code.

The process of building tests to test them is the next step after mastering writing clean codes. As a result, seek help from your peers and adhere to their recommendations when writing assessments.

After five years, you will have gained experience as a developer who can write tested code as well as code for them.

From Junior To Senior

Years of learning, making mistakes, learning, and repeating the cycle will result in you learning a great deal about programming.

You are no longer a naïve novice at the end of five years; instead, you are a skilled developer with five years of experience working with qualified peers and complex software.

In five years, you’ll be able to teach newbies about concepts that used to be difficult for you, and you’ll be promoted as a result of your knowledge! You could also be in a position of responsibility and have junior developers reporting directly to you!

An increase in Salary

This is what most people want to know about when they’re thinking of changing their careers – what kind of salary could I expect when switching, and what does it look like 5 years from now? Well, it varies depending on where you’re from, so we created this blog to help you see what you could earn, depending on where you live. 


As a software developer, the first day, week, month, and year will undoubtedly be challenging. Still, as you become more accustomed and experienced, you will forget your fears and see yourself transformed into a whole different person.

Hope your concerns have subsided, and best wishes for a successful career as a software developer!

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