What does a Full Stack Developer do?

With full stack software developers in such high demand, many people can be curious about what they do. Full stack developers are a type of software developers. A software developer is a broad term that covers a broad range of careers, from front end to back end and more. A full stack developer is a sort of jack of all trades, who can handle a broad range of responsibilities and languages.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is someone skilled at both the front end (client-side) and the back end (server-side) of software development. They are incredibly valuable and versatile all-rounders who can handle both ends of a web application. Jack of all trades, master of many.

Full Stack developers are equipped to take on a myriad of tasks. Depending on where a full stack developer learns their trade, they will come equipped with many skills in many coding languages. They will understand languages, technologies, libraries and frameworks like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, Bootstrap, Github, jQuery, APIs, MongoDB, Django, and much more. 

The scope of a full stack developer

When a coder specifically trains for full stack development, they learn what both a front end and back end programmer does. Because they understand both ends, their scope is much more comprehensive than other software development positions. What they have learned makes them more versatile, and their skills allow them to:

  • Develop and design applications from end to end
  • Work with multiple technologies
  • Work on both front end and back end of applications
  • Manage both front and back end teams
  • Test, debug and maintain software
  • Increase efficiency by using React
  • Seamlessly work with version control systems
  • Work with databases and servers for the back end of applications & sites
  • Develop and integrate APIs
  • Work with media queries
  • Use their knowledge to see the bigger picture when working on a project
  • Troubleshoot more effectively
  • And much more.

Benefits of being a Full Stack Developer

  • Well-paid
    Often, full stack developers are better paid because they can offer more to an organisation. However, like with any role, you’ve got to work hard, grow and shine to keep climbing the pay scale. 
  • In-demand
    The demand for software developers is huge. However, the opportunities for full stack developers are even bigger. They are experienced in front-end, back-end, and full stack development and are suited to more roles. They are well rounded and have a better understanding of the fuller picture. 
  • Versatility
    Working with both the front end and back end means that a full stack developer is more versatile when it comes to web development. They should have a broader understanding of projects, and as a result, many go on to manage teams and projects.  
  • Knowledge is power
    Because you understand the full stack, your knowledge should make you an indispensable employee. In addition, as a full stack developer, you will understand a wide range of languages, frameworks, technologies and more. 

What is a Full Stack JavaScript developer? 

A full stack developer is someone who can use a collection of technologies to build a complete application. However, a Full Stack JavaScript Developer can complete both the front end and the back end using just JavaScript and its frameworks. 

By using libraries like React.js, full stack JavaScript developers should be able to build interactive front end web applications. They should then be able to use JavaScript on the back end to collect and manage information added through forms, etc from the front end. JavaScript can also be used to interact with databases using the likes of SQL. 

One of the benefits of full stack JavaScript development is that they can build a complete web application in the JavaScript language – which means that your team of developers only need to know that language, it will be easier for them to work on the application. However, while JavaScript is the most popular coding language in the world, it usually works better when used alongside other languages – especially for computation-heavy projects. 

How to be a good Full Stack developer

As with any role, self-development is essential to stay on top of your game. You must work hard to stay abreast of the changes that technology brings on a daily basis. 

To be the best full stack developer you can be, you should:

  • Keep up to date
    Technology is changing all the time, and keeping on top of these changes is vitally important. It’s not just good for the business you work for, but it is also good for your self-esteem and value as a full stack developer. 
  • Always be learning
    Apart from staying on top of technology changes, as developers, there are endless other technologies that you can learn – that can be incredibly useful. So start dabbling in different languages and technologies. It’s sometimes important to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Stay Healthy
    It’s an obvious one, but sitting in front of a computer all day can be difficult. It can be bad for the mind, and of course, your eyes and body. So take the breaks you deserve, and try to have a bit of fun!
  • Learn more than technology
    Employers value full stack developer skills highly, but just as necessary are other soft skills that a developer can bring to the table. Learn more about other angles of the business you work for; for example, become an expert on the product you are designing your applications and sites for. Be a good communicator, a problem-solver, and understand your business. 

Want to know more?

Becoming a full stack developer is an achievable task, and in recent years, many people have decided to change their careers to software development. Code Institute teaches Full Stack Software Development with Specializations to its students. We have helped thousands of people to become full stack software developers. Because of our amazing Learning Management System and our support pillars, our students complete their education within 52 weeks.

However, we don’t just stop there. We also assist our developers in landing a new career in software development. With the help of our careers team, 90% of our students are employed within six months of graduating from our programme. 

Our full stack development programme is the only university credit-rated online coding bootcamp in Europe and the UK. It is also the only programme that offers its students a choice of specializations areas to study after they learn the skills of a full stack developer. Our students can specialize in:

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