What’s in Store? Code Institute in 2021

The last twelve months have been strange. The pandemic forced many people into various lockdowns and restrictions. Many were furloughed or forced onto some description of a pandemic payment, while some became unemployed. It has been a challenging year. Others found solace in learning, and while the last year has been difficult, Code Institute has focused on helping people change their career at this vital time. So, what’s in store for Code Institute in 2021? 

Career Change – the primary goal

We are here to help our students and graduates change their career. While the last few months have been tough, there have come many opportunities for new software developers. The pandemic forced the world to rely on technology more than ever. Considering there was a severe shortage of developers before the pandemic, the gap has now turned into a gorge. 

Code Institute’s primary goal from the beginning has always been to assist people in making a career change to software development. Helped by the demand for software development, and the fact that we have more than a thousand global hiring partners, 90% of our students are now in employment within six months of finishing our programme. 

For 2021, we will continue to grow our strong bonds with hiring partners. 

Hiring partners

Our Careers Team is here to help our students to transition into a software development role. Throughout the programme, you will meet with our Careers Team, and together we will work on building your next career. 

Apart from directly helping our graduates land their first role in software development, the Careers Team have been working tirelessly to increase our global hiring partner base. At present, we have more than one thousand hiring partners. The goal for Code Institute in 2021 is to increase that number, to ensure an even more comfortable transition into software development for our students. 


Our students come from a range of different backgrounds, and the fact that they have chosen to reskill shows a lot about their employability. Our hiring partners realise this, and throughout 2020, we have created alliances with Google, Shopify, Adyen and many more. They realise just how valuable our students are – which is why companies like these actively hire Code Institute graduates. As already mentioned, strong partnerships like these will increase.


Our LMS has been going through further developments over the last few months. These developments will run into 2021. Our LMS helps to ensure that our students continue to respond to our programme positively.

Redefining Education

Over the last five years, Code Institute has redefined education. We are the only university credit-rated online coding bootcamp in Europe. However, what sets us apart from the rest, apart from our amazing support structures, is our proprietary analytics platform. We care for our students, and we want to see them succeed. Our extremely clever analytics platform can track how a student is doing on the programme. If a student is encountering problems, a notification is sent to our support structures, and that allows us to offer even further human support. 

Throughout 2021, we will continue to redefine online education. We will further improve our analytics platform and continually enhance your learning journey.

Student Support

Our support structures increased throughout 2020. We have a team who are based all around the world, and we now offer tutor support seven days a week to all of our students. Similarly, our Student Care and Mentor teams have grown, to ensure that we offer the best support. Our Community Support has grown too, with a real campus feel in an online setting. 

The Code Institute Careers Team has done fantastic work, and as already mentioned, we now have more than one thousand global hiring partners. Our goal is your success and our careers team has helped find work for our grads for years, and even through this pandemic, they have found roles for our graduates. The Careers team will continue to expand throughout 2021, and we look forward to building bonds with thousands of more hiring partners.

Want to change your career with us?

There has never been such an amazing opportunity for new software developers. Sure, they were always in demand, but never to these levels. To put some perspective on that statement, in October 2020, the World Economic Forum released its Future of Jobs Report 2020. They predict that by 2025, technology will displace 85 million jobs. According to WEF, 97 million new tech-focused roles will arrive in their place. Now is an important time to reskill and change career. 

The benefits of software development are huge, from unrivalled job security to flexible working and from job satisfaction to brilliant wages. 

Join Code Institute in 2021

If you want to change careers with Code Institute, register for our free 5 Day Coding Challenge through the form below, or schedule a call with one of our education advisors.

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