Why software development can help your career

Tech skills are a necessity for future professionals. No longer are these skills just associated with the tech industry. For the most part, it does not matter what industry you’re in, tech will play a part, and a knowledge of code will be a huge benefit for those in the know. There are many reasons why software development will benefit your career.

Why software development knowledge will benefit your career

In Europe alone, it is estimated that the ICT skills gap is as high as 500,000+. In the USA, the gap will be as much as 1 million by 2020. No matter where you are, whether it’s the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Africa, or anywhere else, there is a tech skills gap.
In every corner of the world, human resource departments are in a tizzy trying to ensure they have sufficient staff with these skills. In some countries, workplaces claim they are producing less than they should be because of a lack of skilled staff. This results in a loss of potential revenue for those businesses.

All of this is not unique to just the tech industry. Of course, with the rate that technology businesses are growing, it does account for a large proportion. However, every role from hairdressers to shop assistants, and from bankers to auctioneers, benefits from a knowledge in code and tech. Every business now needs to have an online presence – especially now that more and more retail sales are taking place over the internet. Most businesses now require apps for smartphones and tablets, and some businesses require software for automation or cybersecurity.

Like it or not, as the world becomes more technologically advanced, so to do workplaces and consumers. To progress in most industries over the coming years, a broad tech knowledge and coding know-how will be of huge benefit to moving staff up the career ladder. The reason why software development knowledge is important here is that most good businesses will want to progress with these trends. They won’t want to be left behind. Having staff with code knowledge and tech skills will help them stay relevant to their markets. 

Take advantage of the situation

Regardless of what I’ve just written, many people are not taking heed. Many people do not understand why software development and tech-abilities are important for most roles going forward. Smart professionals are starting to take advantage of this. These are the people who are upskilling. Some of them are even career changing because they see the opportunities that this industry is creating.

If you are hoping to progress in work or considering a career change, the tech world is a great place to be. Salaries are attractive, and hiring managers are screaming out for staff. Even if you’re thinking of staying put in your own role, now is a good time to upskill. Throughout history, the majority of tech has been advancing. As a result, more roles are created to further improve and utilise it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about software development, why not join our next open evening? Or, if you want to see if you have an aptitude for software development, sign up for our free 5-Day Coding Challenge through the form below. 

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