Get ready to land a job you’ll love

We know the job hunt is the most challenging part of a career changer’s journey. That is why we have created a career programme to give you a competitive advantage when securing a job.

98% of students who engage with careers services are employed in one year.

98% grad hire rate

Our Graduates are employed quicker – employment rate timeline
Employed before graduating
Employed under 6 months
Employed 9 months or less
Employed 12 months or less
0% 24.5% 73.5% 98%
Our graduates get better jobs – most frequent job titles
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Technical Support
Apprentice Program
41.3% 21.4% 11.9% 8.7% 3.2% 2.4% 11.1%
80% of Grads reported their financial circumstances improved since graduating
Financial circumstances improved
80% 20%
Reported entry level salaries from grads
Less than €/£ 30K
€/£ 30 – 35K
€/£ 36 – 40K
€/£ 41 – 45K
€/£46 – 59K
€/£ 60K +
0% 6.8% 20.5% 27.27%

2000+ hiring partners employ our graduates

“Attracting and hiring Emerging Talent into META is a high priority and our partnership with Code Institute helps us to identify career changers who are commencing brilliant careers as developers. “
Madeline Medina
Manager, Emerging Talent Pipeline Programs & Partnerships
“Code Institute has been supporting our apprenticeship programs to develop new coders and particularly have been a great partner and source of a more diverse technical talent pool.”
Maya Tudor
Global Apprenticeships Specialist, Google
“We really value our partnership with Code Institute. We have gained, and continue to develop, our successful hires from this brilliant tech community. The team are brilliant to work with, and we always hire from the back of our recruitment events.”
Marcella Molteni
Recruitment Business Partner at Adyen
“Having hired some brilliant talent into our tech teams from the Code Institute Community, we are firm believers in the skill sets that career changers add to our team.”
Gary Ludgate
Talent Manager at Phorest
“Code Institute has been a great source for new software developers for our teams. We have participated in events, programs and profiling our site for Women in Tech hires.”
Catherine Hough
Early Careers Campus Recruiter


Land your dream job!

Our three-step careers accelerator helps you build your confidence, rub shoulders with employers, and tackle any interview and salary negotiations on your own.

Career Coaching

This immersive program uses proven career-coaching methodologies to leverage your personal attributes, previous expertise and new skills. This puts you in poll position for a career in tech. Weekly group and 1:1 personal sessions will develop your career profile and strategy.

Careers Community

Imagine a community of 10,000 people cheering you on! That’s our Careers Community – learners, alumni, mentors and industry experts sharing advice and their expertise to help you succeed. Be part of our weekly virtual events, join our multiple digital channels and compete in our industry-led hackathons.

Exclusive Tech Circles

Become part of tech’s inner circle and get exclusive industry insights. Tech leaders give us the inside track on their hiring practices, opportunities and the special attributes they look for in hires at our weekly events. You’ll have VIP access to Elevate, our global careers festival where the rockstars of tech shoot the breeze with our learners and hiring happens.

Meet your career transition team

Jane Gormley
Jane heads up our Careers team and works closely with global tech hiring partners. You’ll get to know her well during the Masterclass series and recruitment events.
Megan Armstrong
Megan works closely with our global tech hiring partners who are creating excellent career paths for our pool of talented Software Developers.
Jim Morel
Jim is our Careers Content Executive, focussing on improving the way we present our Career guidance material.
Jade Mcmeekin-Quinn
Jade runs our Careers 1:1 Coaching Sessions and will meet, guide, advise, and provide feedback and insights to you.
Robyn de Brún
Robyn is a Career Coaching Executive with over 8 years of experience in Employability Coaching and IT Recruitment.

What our students say

This Friday, 12:00 – 12:45 UTC+1

Career Consultation


This is an opportunity to hear about the work that Code Institute’s Director of Employer Engagement, Jane Gormley and her team is doing every day to help our graduates land their first jobs in the tech industry.

Benefits of our careers accelerator programme

Access to tech hiring managers

Enjoy unparalleled access to our exclusive weekly events. Get the inside-track on opportunities, hiring practices and invaluable career tips.

Careers masterclass

Gain the confidence to tackle any interview, learn negotiation skills and find out how you can optimise your earnings potential.

Academic partnership with Soda Social

Our unique partnership with tech recruitment experts Soda Social is your direct connection to the job scene.

Reframe your story for tech

Learn how to position your existing skills and attributes to catch the eye of hiring managers and show them what added value you bring to a role.

Lifelong access to career supports

Our professional career coaches will work with you to steer your approach to the jobs market and interview strategy.

VIP ticket to Elevate

Join panel discussions with tech giants like Google, Meta, Strikepay, Adyen, Phorest and many more. Meet tech leaders and schedule chats with our network of hiring partners and recruiters. Learn more

Career guide ebooks

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Tech offers a fulfilling career with great prospects but…

What could you earn as a software developer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the Career Support?

Career Support is immediately on commencement and remains available to students even after they have graduated from the programme, and we continue to support our alumni throughout their coding careers.

Do I get immediate access to Career Support?

Yes. Your support kicks in from day one, with new students getting immediate access to the careers hub. Your first formal 1:1 meeting with your career consultant typically happens after you send in your second project.

When can I start applying for new roles?

Generally, we advise our students to get into their studies before applying for roles in software development. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we recommend waiting until you have completed the fourth portfolio project on our programme. Many of our students are hired in advance of graduation.

Will my skills appeal to employers in an AI-driven future?

Absolutely. At Code Institute, we ensure that your new skills align with the demands of an AI-driven future. Learning languages like Python, a linchpin in AI development, will not only make you highly attractive to employers but also position you as a valuable asset in a workforce increasingly focused on AI technologies. The practical skills you acquire will set you apart in a competitive job market where adaptability and expertise in emerging technologies are highly sought after. Your Code Institute education is designed to make you not just job-ready but highly desirable to employers shaping the future of tech.

I have never worked in coding before. How am I going to demonstrate experience in an interview?

First, it’s essential to realise that your non-coding skills can be just as important as your coding skills. Employers are looking for well-rounded people with experience in areas such as communication, leadership and more. Regarding your technical skills, the portfolio of projects that you complete with Code Institute will become very important, as these, along with your GitHub profile, show off your abilities. When you are a student on our programme, our Careers team is in place to help guide you on this journey. They will talk to you about best-practice for your CV, interviews, and more.

How do I meet employers and hiring partners?

As part of our career programme, we strive to introduce our students to numerous employers and hiring partners. We host weekly recruitment webinars, hackathons and events with our employment partners, and the aim is to introduce you to the people that are hiring and looking for people just like you. In addition, we share new roles daily on our internal channels.

What do hackathons involve?

Hackathons are a fantastic chance for our students to collaborate. They occur regularly and involve each group building web solutions around particular topics. This usually includes websites, design, landing pages, etc. It is an amazing way to learn and see what it’s like to work as a developer. In addition, it will expose you to collaborative working environments.

When can I start doing hackathons?

Hackathons happen regularly in Code Institute. They occur approximately ten to twelve times per annum. You can be part of a team as soon as you join the program.

What is covered in the Careers Masterclass Series?

Our Masterclasses cover ten separate topics designed to teach you about different areas of changing careers. Masterclasses will cover areas such as; CV building, LinkedIn, Interviews, Technical interviews, Presenting yourself as a potential employee, etc.

Can I hear from people who have completed the course and been employed?

Yes! The Career Team runs monthly alumni seminars that give students a chance to connect with Code Institute alumni and hear about their new careers post-graduation. Another way to engage with alumni is through the Code Institute Slack channels. It’s a really active and friendly community.

I don’t live in a big city, does that matter?

As the world is more open now than ever to remote working, opportunities have grown exponentially for people no longer based in cities or towns. In software development, the main requirements are having the skills to code, good & stable internet, and being willing to put in the hard graft.
Even before the pandemic, software development was a more accepted role for remote staff. While some companies will require people to work from a city-based office, the popularity of remote working is now bigger than ever.

What is the starting salary for a junior developer?

This varies from country to country. Junior developers are traditionally well-paid globally. See this blog to get an idea of reported salaries in various regions. Please note that these are reported average salaries, and they will vary from employer to employer. A lot is also dependent on how you put yourself forward as a candidate for a role and salary discussions.

Do you have experience helping people who have never worked in tech before?

Yes. The vast majority of our graduates and students are career changers.

Will someone review my CV etc., before I start making applications?

Yes. This service is available to all our students through their Code Institute career coaches. We find that your CV is incredibly important, which is why we also cover them through masterclasses, meetings and other forms of content. In addition, there is a formal 1:1 arranged to include this review.

Will Careers Support help me build a tech network?

Yes. That is one of the aims of the Careers Team. It is ultimately you who builds your network. We will make the opportunities available to you, introduce industry professionals and show you best practice procedures to build your network.

Can I access help with interviewing?

Yes, our career coaches can help you with this. We also cover interviews in our masterclasses and other content available to you. We can also arrange 1:1s for specific pre-interview prep sessions.