98% Of Our Grad Are Employed Within 1 Year

Time To Change Career

The last year has been somewhat of a washout. Since the arrival of COVID-19, the whole world has changed. This is especially reflected in the UK workforce. With so many businesses forced to shut their doors, many people have been furloughed, on job seeker benefit, or forced to change career. Right now, there are thousands of opportunities for career changers to software development in the UK and Europe. 

Career changers are in a position now where they can prepare for a changing workforce. For years, think tanks have spoken about changing job markets, and in October 2020, the World Economic Forum made some stark predictions about the workforce. They reckon that by 2025, 85 million roles will be displaced, or become defunct. While this is not directly because of COVID-19, their estimations are based on the coronavirus accelerating technological advances in automation, cloud computing and more. Similarly, businesses are looking to technologies to ensure that they can keep their doors open into the future. 
Here’s the good news. While the WEF claim that 85 million jobs will be displaced, they do predict that 97 million new tech-focused roles will arise. Here’s the problem, there are not enough digitally skilled workers to work in these roles. Here is the opportunity for new software developers. This is why now is a great time to change career to software development. But, how do you prepare, what should you learn, what can you earn, and how does your career-changing journey commence?

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Online Learning For A Career Change

Reputationally, online learning has been growing for some time now. However, since many universities were forced to, or advised to close, online learning has been recognised even more. While many course providers opted to go directly for video conferencing as their delivery method, it is important for anyone who is contemplating learning something new for a career change, that they opt for a tried, tested and trusted learning management system (LMS). 

Code Institute’s LMS has been tried and tested. It is built on Harvard and MIT’s Edx platform and time and money has been invested in it to ensure that it can effectively provide for our students. Our programme brings complete beginners to world-class software developers, with a range of amazing supports like Student Care, 7 days a week tutor support, community support and personalised mentoring. Our career support will also help you to find your new career in software development. This is why our students have chosen us for their career change.

What Skills Should I Learn?

First, our aim is to teach you the basics of software development, and you will learn things like HTML and CSS. These are vital to software development. As the course progresses, you will learn JavaScriptPython, SQL, and much more. Our full curriculum can be found here

When we first created our Full-Stack Software Development programme, it was extremely important to us to teach skills that are actually in demand from today’s software developers. To ensure that we were teaching the most valuable languages and technologies, we spoke to members of various industries and asked them what they would like to see from the next batch of software developers. This group of people forms our Industry Advisory Council, or IAC. The IAC is made up of people from great companies like Salesforce, Accenture, CPL, PayPal, and many more companies. We regularly meet with them to ensure that our programme is up to date.

We are often asked why we chose to teach Python over Java. While Java is a very popular language, Python has grown in its uses and is now seen as the most popular programming language in the world. The other benefit of Python is that it is an incredibly versatile language, which is easier to teach and learn than Java. This does not imply that it is an easy language to learn, it is however far less complicated than Java.

Career Changing Opportunities

Even had the pandemic not happened, the demand for software developers has always been gigantic. This has been recognised for a long time, and according to EU stats, it was predicted that there would be a shortage of 756,000 digitally-skilled workers by the end of 2020. Now that digitalisation has been accelerated, that number is growing faster than anticipated. As previously mentioned, the WEF thinks there will be 97 million new tech-focused jobs by 2025. This means that there will be a world of opportunity for software developers

How We Match You To Your Perfect Job

  • Dedicated Career Consultant
  • Personalised Career Plan​
  • Interview Coaching
  • Weekly Careers Masterclasses
  • Access to 1000+ Hiring Partners

When you are preparing for your career change, Code Institute has a team in place who will assist you in landing your first role as a software developer. This is done through matching your skills to the skills required by our employer partners.

While not all jobs are advertised on job boards, simply by searching the likes of Indeed, etc, will give you an idea of the current demand for software developers in the UK. However, it has been said that up to 60% of developer roles are not necessarily advertised.


98% Of Our Grad Are Employed Within 1 Year

Moving From One Career To Another

Often, at our open events and webinars, we are asked if it’s possible to move from a non-coding industry to software development. Our answer is always the same. Yes. If you are willing to put in the time and commitment that is needed to upskill, then it should be no problem. It’s also worth noting that no matter what industry you are in currently, software development is connected to some arm of it.

Take for example engineers, people who work in finance, or people in the hospitality sector. There are automations, websites, technologies, etc, in use throughout these industries – whether it’s an ecommerce site, online accounting sheets, or a hotel room-booking system, there is no industry that does not use technology. Funnily enough, even people who work in non-technical roles in the tech industry have asked the same question. If impostor syndrome is something that worries you, don’t let it be a barrier. Many things can stand in the way of career changes – from money to fear of change. However, a career change is achievable, if you put your mind to it and stay committed.

Back To Work

For those who have been made redundant, furloughed or unemployed, there are huge benefits in retraining in software development. With it, also comes;

The need for software developers has not decreased, and if anything, our recent dependence on technology has shown that the demand for programmers will only grow in the future. If you have been made redundant or unemployed due to recent events, this is a career change worth considering. For others, now is a chance to work on your skills to come back stronger to the workforce. People around the globe are honing their skills and an online programme is the fastest way to do that.


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