Cracking The Code To The Future

This white paper examines the career change journey into software development. We look at the opportunities, myths, and truths surrounding a change into the most exciting industry in the world.

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This career guide is for people who know deep down that they want to change careers. What it emphasizes is that you have a positive choice: even if you have never written a line of code, you can re-skill to become a successful software developer. In this paper, we cover:

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    Opportunities In Tech
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    Myths That Could Be Holding You Back
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    Diversity In Tech
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    How To Become A Software Developer

Our Partnership With Google

Code Institute has been supporting our apprenticeship programs to develop new coders and particularly have been a great partner and source of a more diverse technical talent pool.
Maya Tudor
Global Apprenticeships Specialist, Google
I recommend this course to everyone who would like to make their first step towards a career in programming. My background is psychology, and I had nothing to do with coding, or anything technical for that matter, before I started the Full-Stack Software Developer course part-time in August 2019. In April 2020, I was offered a 2-year apprenticeship at one of the tech giants! I knew about this opportunity from Jane, the Director of Employer Engagement at Code Institute. If it was not for her, I probably would not feel confident enough to even apply.
Alicja Malinowska
Code Institute Graduate and Software Apprentice at Google

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