Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

Non-technical professionals need to keep up to date on technical terminology and methods to stay ahead. This online diploma course develops your tech literacy and enables you to make more effective decisions by understanding development processes, skills, languages and IT tools.

Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

icon Online learning

This course gives you over 30 hours of engaging content, an understanding of technical content and effective processes, along with Lean and Agile work practices to streamline your business. At the end, you’ll have an excellent understanding of efficient communication, cross-collaboration, and the language of code.

Key business benefits

icon Big Data & the Cloud

Harness the benefits of Big Data and the Cloud.

icon Opportunities

Identify opportunities and threats.

icon Effective decisions

Make more effective decisions.

icon Course curriculum


Module 1.

Front End Development

This module will help you understand the concepts, languages and skills that developers use to create rich and intuitive customer experiences through your website, app or software product.


Module 2.

Programming Languages

Introduce yourself to the most commonly used programming languages in software development.


Module 3.

Data Storage and Retrieval

The Data Storage & Retrieval module will introduce you to the high-level concepts, languages, and tools used to store and access data.


Module 4.

Data Management

Understand the data that support your business processes and providing you with new opportunities and areas for analysis


Module 5.

Cloud Computing

Learn about the methods and layers of Cloud service delivery. You’ll also become familiar with the main providers, their services within the Cloud Computing space and how they add value to your business.


Module 6.

Application Programming Interfaces

In the Application Programming Interfaces module you’ll learn how APIs are created and made available. You’ll explore the API’s of some of the world’s most popular software applications. You’ll also learn how the IOT will affect your life and business.


Module 7.

Open Source

Open source software can offer better security, cost, customisation, reliability, flexibility and support for its users.


Module 8.


Developers use frameworks to create software in a shorter period of time. This module will help you understand what frameworks are, why developers use them and how their use can affect your department or role.


Module 9.

Software Development Process

This approach will help you understand why developers are better able to deliver value incrementally by creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) based on the ‘must-have’ features for a product, and later adding on additional key features.


Module 10.

Building and Empowering Great Teams

In the Building and Empowering Great Teams module you will learn how to unearth the great candidates that others are missing, make the best candidates seek you out and want to work with you.

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