Hiring the right people is challenging - you need your employees to be ready to code from day one. Our students have what it takes and come with a proven skillset.

What our graduates will bring to your business

icon Industry-ready

Our accomplished students have a range of up-to-date skills. Their hands-on course experience and comprehensive portfolios make them code-ready.

icon Fresh technologies

Our students have learned the relevant programming languages and techniques that you need from leading industry practitioners.

icon Credentials

Our students have the credentials you look for. Our Diploma in Software Development is fully credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland.

icon Effective working

Students receive training in data management, presentation and Agile working.

icon Languages and programs

Students learn up-to-date languages and programs such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Django, Mongo, SQL, and GIT.

icon Full experience

Students also have experience in server development and testing methodologies across the full development stack.

“They're learning technologies that are very relevant to our clients. We find that college graduates are more focused on the theory, whereas in Code Institute, they're more focused on the practicalities and have hands on experience”

James Ryan, Accenture

Why hire our graduates?

Employers and graduates share how Code Institute has given them the coding skills they need.


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